Bowdoin Pines Society

The Bowdoin Pines Society is comprised of over 1,000 of the College’s most devoted alumni, parents and friends who have provided for it in their philanthropic plans through beneficiary designations, provisions in wills and trusts, and other legacy arrangement, including: charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

If you have made a provision in your estate plan for Bowdoin and would like to join the Bowdoin Pines Society, please inform the Office of Gift Planning of your intentions. You can visit our secure web-based portal to share information about your plans and submit it on line to our office. Alternatively, you can complete our fillable Documenting Your Provision for Bowdoin form and email to


From the first bequest to the College by James Bowdoin in 1811 to present times, Bowdoin Pines Society members have played an important role in securing the future of the College. To learn more about gift planning at Bowdoin or to let the College know of your arrangements, contact us.  

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