Course Development Awards

The Committee on Teaching and Classroom Practice (CoTCP) awards grants that support projects leading to new course development and the enrichment of existing courses.

Course Development Fund
A preference exists for projects that have ongoing value; however, one-time course additions with significant impacts will also be considered. Grants from this fund have supported research in relation to teaching and have paid for a variety of different types of expenses. These expenses include travel, costs for meals and lodging (up to $300 per day for food and lodging). They also include visits to libraries, visits to meet with scholars with a specific expertise or programs at other institutions, the purchase or duplication of primary materials, and the purchase of other instructional aids. Course Development Awards are not meant to be used for the purchase of capital equipment including cameras, iPads, etc. For similar reasons, awards cannot be used to support undergraduate tutoring programs.

Zander Fund
The committee will also make awards from a new fund to support innovative media projects for courses.  The Zander fund will provide two course development grants per academic year, up to $4000 each, to support travel, equipment, film festival participation, and student and invited speaker support for the study and production of innovative media, including screenplays, radio productions, films, podcasts, VR, AR, and interactive media story forms. Reusable equipment purchases made with Zander Funds normally become property of the College and available for loan.  Applications will be accepted at the normal CoTCP deadlines.

Award Grants

  • $4,000

A maximum of $4,000 may be awarded per application. In a given academic year, faculty may receive up to a total of $8,000 from CoTCP, or a total of $12,000 from CoTCP and FDC combined (excluding leave support).

Application Deadlines

  • October 10, 2023
  • January 23, 2024
  • April 9, 2024

Applications submitted after 11:59 pm on the deadline day will not be accepted. Retroactive proposals will be considered if funding permits.

All applications should be submitted electronically on or before the deadline to Committee on Teaching and Classroom Practice