Committee on Governance and Faculty Affairs

The Committee on Governance and Faculty Affairs (GFA) is responsible for overseeing the faculty governance of the College.
It establishes the agenda for faculty meetings, brings to the faculty issues of policy, and advises the President and Dean on issues of direct interest to the faculty, including but not limited to: compensation, workload, intellectual property, intellectual freedom, sabbaticals, voting eligibility, family leave, partner accommodations, the evaluation of teaching and professional activities, budget and financial priorities, etc.
GFA also oversees the election and appointment of faculty committees, working to ensure equitable distribution of committee workload. It establishes working groups, as needed, and serves as a clearing house for issues brought to the committee’s attention from the faculty. Members of GFA represent the faculty at meetings of the Board of Trustees, attend Trustee Executive Committee meetings, and meetings of the Trustee Committee on Admissions, and report back to GFA and the faculty as a whole as appropriate.
2023-24 Committee Members:

Jack Bateman
Danielle Dube, chair
Salar Mohandesi
Carrie Scanga
Jeffrey Sellinger
Jay Sosa