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Lindsey Scott Bergstrom ’03 targets unspoken stories on the homefront

While soldiers overseas do their best to cope day by day, so too, do the loved ones those soldiers leave behind. Lindsey Scott Bergstrom ’03 knows this well. She is married to U.S. Marine Corps Captain Bo Bergstrom. Armed with a fine arts master’s degree in photography from the University of Wales, Lindsey set out to document stories of those left at home, waiting.

“My husband served for a year in Iraq,” says Lindsey, “and, prompted by his deployment, I wanted to capture the daily lives of other military spouses and families whose husbands and fathers were deployed. I tried to capture the triumphs and struggles that young mothers, families, and children endure during a deployment.”

View more of Lindsey’s work on her website

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Sleeping in The Hangar,
Praying in the phone with dad.,
Dad's Purple Heart.,
Counting down.,
Homecoming: duffel as logbook.,
The family at home.,
Seeing dad.,
Homecoming signs.,
On the mantle.,
Kissing the war goodbye.,
1:00 AM, waiting for dad to come home.,
The to-do list.,


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