Reunion Weekend: May 30 – June 2, 2019

Class of 1999 - 20th Reunion

Registration for Reunion is now open!

This incredible weekend, May 30–June 2, 2019, will be chock-full of joy, entertainment, activities, memories, and of course, Bowdoin dining. You don’t want to miss it! Have fun and laugh with old friends, make new connections, and dive into everything that’s happening across campus.

Want to check out your class’s registration package options before registering online? Prefer to mail us a paper form? Printable forms are available online.

Check out the Reunion brochure for your introduction to the full Reunion experience. A full weekend schedule will be available online in late April 2019.  

As of May 22, the following people have registered for the Class of 1999’s 20th Reunion:

Devani Adams ’99
Stacey Baron Ardini ’99
Kristin Sigmond Auffermann ’99
Paul Auffermann ’99
Liz Ikeda Bissell ’99
Mike Bouyea ’99
Ben Burke ’99
Liz Cartland ’99
Jen Halloran Chapman ’99
Jeffrey Chen ’99
Jennifer Roberts Christensen ’99
Chris Day ’99
Emily Ewell DelGrego ’99
Mike Dowley ’99
Dave Edwards ’99
Brian Fitzgerald ’99
Anne Chalmers Fleming ’99
Gretchen Scharfe Forsyth ’99
Tina Ormrod Fox ’99
Kristin Barrett Geddes ’99
Liz Brookes Gordon ’99
Tucker Hastings ’99
Sarah Lange Hayes ’99
Will Herrmann ’99
Jenn Knaut Hoenig ’99
Michelle Impey ’99
Bianca Jarvis ’99
Roodly Jean ’99
Justin Kennedy ’99
Cynthia Needham Leadley ’99
Jeremy Litchfield ’99
Scott Logan
Gerry May ’99
Lindsay Russell Moseley ’99
Jamie Moseley ’99
Buffy Small Needham ’99
Gennie Marvel Olbres ’99
Genevieve Polk ’99
Tyler Post ’99
Ryan Ravenscroft ’99
Allison Glasmann Reiner ’99
Jen Ryan Schultz ’99
Bryan Saalfeld ’99
Amit Shah ’99
Howard Spector ’99
Christina Stahlkopf ’99
Katie Lynk Wartman ’99