Class of 1974 – 50th Reunion

Reunion registration is now open!

A Bowdoin Reunion (May 30–June 2) is a truly unforgettable experience and this year we welcome friends and alumni from class years ending in four and nine and members of the Old Guard back to campus. We hope you’ll make plans to join us as it promises to be a celebration full of joy, entertainment, connections, memories, and of course Bowdoin dining!

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Weekend plans will continue to be posted to this site and to, so please continue to check back for updates.

Look Who’s Registered for Reunion Weekend 2024

As of April 10, the following classmates have registered for the Class of 1974’s Reunion.

Bruce Anderson ’74
Chris Anschuetz ’74
Michael Beacom ’74
Ben Bensen ’74
Ted Berkinshaw ’74
Jim Bowie ’74
Stan Brown ’74
Jill Bubier ’74
Dave Bushy ’74
Duncan Carpenter ’74
Mike Casellas ’74
Bill Cifrino ’74
John Curtiss ’74
Kevin Delahanty ’74
Alan Donahue ’74
Tim Donahue ’74
Spiros Droggitis ’74
Elissa Fazio ’74
Michael Fiori ’74
Warren Geier ’74
Babs Summer Glazier ’74
Kim Overholt Goodwin ’74
Ed Grady ’74
David Griswold ’74
Joel Helander ’74
Mike Hermans ’74
Linda Jacobs ’74
Ian James ’74
Brent Jepson ’74
John Kenney ’74
Ross Kimball ’74
Joe Leghorn ’74
Nick Lewis ’74
Eric Luft ’74
Rich Lustig ’74
Steve Lynch ’74
Allie Middleton ’74
B.J. Nebesky ’74
Roger Pasinski ’74
Priscilla Paton ’74
Nancy Prince ’74
Charlie Roberts ’74
Nick Sampsidis ’74
Ted Saul ’74
Johan Segerdahl ’74
Bill Shanahan ’74
Eileen Sheedy-Currie ’74
George Shube ’74
Ed Simeone ’74
Merv Smith ’74
Joe Tansey ’74
Jim Vander Noot ’74
Peter Warren ’74
Noel Webb ’74
Paul Weinberg ’74
Chape Whitman ’74
Rob Witsil ’74
Tommy Wooten ’74

Yearbook Submissions

Bruce Anderson
Mark Anderson
Chris Anschuetz
Michael Beacom
Elizabeth Begin
Ben Bensen
Ronald Bentley
Ted Berkinshaw
Stewart Blackburn
Jim Bowie
Mario Brossi
Larry Brown
Jill Bubier
Dave Bushy
Maurice Butler
Geoff Canada
Duncan Carpenter
Bill Cifrino
Elizabeth Lewis Clifford
Leslie Warren Clifford
Jeff Conrad
Charlie Cox
Eileen Sheedy Currie
John Curtiss
Tom Darrin
Kevin Delahanty
Alan Donahue
Joseph Donahue
Tim Donahue
Spiros Droggitis
Bob Ellis
Steve Felker
Michael Fiori
Edward Fleur
Blythe Snable Fortin
Paul Glassman
Warren "Buck" Geier
Steve Gifford
Paul Glassman
Barbara Summer Glazier
Kimball Overholt Goodwin
Ed Grady
Peter Griggs
Alvin Hall
Stephen Hannock
Joel Helander
Michael Hermans
Thomas Hoerner
Fred Honold
Linda Jacobs
Lent Johnson
John Joyce
John Peter Kenney
Ross Kimball
Jon Landers
Dick Leach
Joe Leghorn
Tony Leonardo
Dennis Levesque
Nick Lewis
Richard Lewis
Andrew Lichtman
Eric Luft
Rich Lustig
Jed Lyons
John Mace
Rick Mastain
Gary Merhar
Allie Middleton
Jeff Miller
Billie Jean Nebesky
Bill Offenberg
David Ott
Priscilla Paton
Jan Pierson
Nancy Prince
William Rees
Charlie Roberts
Peter Rothberg
Nicholas Sampsidis
Charles Saul
Johan Segerdahl
Eddie Simeone
Bill Shanahan 
Joe Spaulding
Sheldon Stone
Deborah Swiss
Joe Tansey
Jay Van Tassell
Jane Titcomb
Bob Turner
Dick Tuttle
Jim Vander Noot
Noel Webb
Paul Weinberg
David Wheeler
Chape Whitman
Tim Woodcock
Thom Wooten


50th Reunion Hotel Block Information

Brunswick Hotel
4 Noble St, Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 837-6565 $269/ per night
4/30/24 deadline        

Comfort Inn
199 Pleasant St, Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 729-1129 $260 per night
4/29/24 deadline          

Fairfield Inn
36 Old Portland Rd, Brunswick, ME 04011 (207) 721-0300$219 per night
4/29/24 deadline