Reunion Weekend: May 30 – June 2, 2019

Class of 1969 - 50th Reunion

Registration for Reunion is now open!

This incredible weekend, May 30–June 2, 2019, will be chock-full of joy, entertainment, activities, memories, and of course, Bowdoin dining. You don’t want to miss it! Have fun and laugh with old friends, make new connections, and dive into everything that’s happening across campus.

Prefer to mail us a paper form? Printable forms are available online.

Check out the Reunion brochure for your introduction to the full Reunion experience. A full weekend schedule will be available online in late April 2019.

As of March 20, the following people have registered for the Class of 1969’s 50th Reunion: As of February 20, the following people have submitted a 50th Reunion yearbook entry:
Bob Blackwood ’69
Rick Davidson ’69
Dave Goodof ’69
Mike Guignard ’69
Bruce Jordan ’69
Glenn Libby ’69
Bill Moberg ’69
Jim Pierce ’69
Bengt-Arne Wickstroem ’69

Don Abbott
Walter Abernathy
Dick Anderson
Dave Anthony
Bill Babcock
Chip Bailey
Alan Barron
Steve Bartlett
Cole Bellamy
Ben Bernstein
Bruce Blaisdell
John Brandenburg
Lou Briasco
Mark Brightman
Kendall Brown
Gary Campagna
Paul Campbell
Brownie Carson
Claude Caswell
Barry Chandler
Mike Clark
Jon Clayborne
Ken Cole
Skip Cousens
Larry Crimmins
Allan Currie
Rick Davidson
Fred DeCicco
Tim Devlin
Chuck Dinsmore
Scott Donahue
Hunt Dowse
Peter Driscoll
Ralph Eddy
Rick Eisenhauer
Dave Emus
Sandy Ervin
Bill Faraci
Mike Fasulo
Nick Femino
Nat Fenton
Steve Ferguson
Rodger Field
Hugh Fisher
Dave Forsberg
John Foss
Guenter Frankenberg
Jim Garland
Paul Gauron
Bill Georgitis
Bill Gibson
Owen Gilman
Bruce Griffin
Mike Guignard
Kip Horsburgh
Bobby Ives
Tom Johnson
Bruce Jordan
Jack Keene
Bill Kelley
John Krol
John Lawlor
Glenn Libby
Howie London
Ken Lutte
John Mackenzie
Chick Marshall
Ken Martin
Peter Matorin
Bo McFarland
Mers Mersereau
Bill Moberg
Tim Montgomery
Charlie Musco
Hal Nelson
Tom Nelson
Gig Ortman
Bob Ossoff
Larry O'Toole
Dave Pagar
Jon Parsons
Richard Paulding
Jim Pierce
John Pierce
Harvey Prager
Michael Princi
John Pritchard
Fred Rea
Ted Reed
Steve Reed
Bill Rhodes
Charlie Roderick
Tim Rogers
Ken Rowe
Bernard Ruffin
Tim Sabin
John Samp
Richard Sewall
Tom Sheehy
John Skillings
Rick Smith
Tim Sullivan
Mike Taverna
Barry Walsh
Ken Walton
Terry Webb
Charlie Whitten
Marc Williams
Bill Williams
Steve Workman