Residential Life


An inclusive and dynamic living community is a central element of the Bowdoin experience.  The Office of Residential Life, guided by the Values of a Learning Community, oversees all aspects of on-campus living.

The word “dorms” doesn’t begin to capture all that happens in the residence halls at Bowdoin.   The vibrant living environment  allows residents to explore their intellectual and extracurricular passions to the fullest and form incredible friendships.   The College Houses unite the social and intellectual spheres of student life, while the first-year "bricks" are robust microcosms of new student energy and excitement.  Upperclassmen have a wide range of living choices.    Student-designed programs, intramural sports, and special events like Dinner with Six Strangers also serve to bring faculty, staff, students and community members together.  



Lucas O'Neil

Major: English and Theatre, Minor: Teaching
South Portland, Maine

I was interested in becoming a member of ResLife because of my experience in the college house system. I wanted to continue to support and mentor first year students and to actively engage in shaping our campus culture. Being a member of ResLife gave me a new medium to promote the common good within our own community. I learned many lessons during my time on ResLife, but the one that resonates with me most is that the answers and ideas you uncover as a group far surpass any you could invent on your own.

As a head proctor, it was my job to serve as a resource and confidante for my first year students on my floor and in my building. I sought to organize and empower the other proctors, so we could create a safe and enriching environment for our first year residents and enable them to take full advantage of the college, academically and socially.

Active listening and clear communication are essential skills I learned in my work in ResLife, but they are also essential for nurturing personal relationships, excelling in the workplace and engaging in your living community. It is so important to try to understand why others act the way we do and why we, ourselves, act the way we do. This awareness allows us to be intentional in our actions and create the environments and opportunities we hope to be a part of after Bowdoin.