Inter-House Council

Helmreich House: IHC Champs 2012

What is the Inter-House Council?

The Inter-House Council (IHC) is the steward of collaboration and organization between the Houses. The student assembly, advised by the Office of Residential Life, is led by the Executive Committee and includes the Vice President and Programming Director from each House. Monthly IHC meetings provide a forum for House leaders to plan events and discuss topics affecting the College Houses as a whole.

The IHC Executive Committee (2014-2015):

President: Jillian Burk '16 (MacMillan ’13-’14)

Vice President: Brian Francoeur '16 (MacMillan ’13-’14)/Evan Eklund '16 (MacMillan '13-'14)

Programming Director: Kaite Carter '16 (Burnett '13-'14)/Emily Serwer (Baxter '13-'14)

Treasurer:Alex Haregot '17 (Howell '14-'15)/Alex Thomas '16 (Burnett '13-14)

Secretary: Elena Schaef '16 (Howell '13-'14)/Lindsay Picard '16 (Baxter '13-'14)

 The IHC also funds and implements myriad programs for the campus. Some highlights from 2011-2012 include:

  • An evening with Wesley Morris, Boston Globe film critic and 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner.

  • Film screening of Page One: Inside the New York Times followed by a discussion with Joshua Benton, Director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University.

  • The Annual Polar Bear Run

  • Relay For Life

  • The IHC Cup