College House Advisors

Howell House

The active participation of faculty and staff in the House System is vital to the system's success and to the College's overall mission. Faculty-House engagement helps to integrate the academic and social spheres of the College as described in the Commission on Residential Life's Interim Report. Faculty members advising first-year students in a particular first-year residence hall are encouraged to be involved in the House associated with that residence hall. Faculty engage with the College Houses through many Kurtz fund-sponsored events and meals, join students for debates and film screenings, and bring their families to events like House trick-or-treating, cookouts, and concerts. Staff members are also an important aspect of the College House System. Each house is paired with a staff advisor - someone from either the Residential Life office or Dean of Student Affairs office - whose primary purpose is to assist houses in engaging staff members as well as help bring campus-wide initiatives, like the Women's Resource Center, Career Planning Center, Outing Club, Religious and Spiritual Life, Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, McKeen Center, Gender Violence Prevention and Health Center, into the College Houses. They also assist in the planning and organization of educational events at the Houses and help Houses develop their role as thoughtful leaders in the broader campus community.

House Advisors 2016-2017:

House Faculty Advisor Staff Advisor Programming Advisor

Baxter House   

Aaron Kitch, English

Michael Pulju, Dean of Student Affairs

Melissa Quinby, Dean of Student Affairs

Burnett House

Guy Mark Foster, English

Tom Ancona, McKeen Center

Laurel Varnell, Student Activities

Helmreich House


Whitney Hogan, Residential Life

Adam Berliner, Outing Club

Howell House

Sarah McMahon, History

Khoa Khong, Dean of Student Affairs

Bob Ives, Religious and Spiritual Life

Ladd House

Brian Purnell, Africana Studies and History

Christian van Loenen, Residential Life

Kate Stern, Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

MacMillan House

Tricia Welsch, Cinema Studies

Kim Pacelli, Dean of Student Affairs

Tim Ryan, Athletics

Quinby House

Laura Henry, Government

Lesley Levy, Dean of Students Affairs

Benje Douglas, Gender Violence Prevention

Reed House                     

Rob Soback, Classics     

Leana Amaez, Dean of Student Affairs

Lisa Peterson, Gender Violence Prevention & Accommodations for Students with Disabilities