Our Faculty and Staff



Suzanne Lovett

Associate Professor of Psychology — On Leave 2019-2020

Erika Nyhus

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology

Samuel Putnam

Professor of Psychology, Chair of Psychology Department
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Thomas W. Small

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience


Research Associates

Richmond Thompson
Research Associate in Psychology and Neuroscience

Emeriti Faculty

Barbara S. Held
Barry N. Wish Professor of Psychology and Social Studies Emerita
Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Ontology and Epistemology of Psychological Kinds, Philosophical Underpinnings and Implications of Psychotherapies and Psychological Movements

Alfred H. Fuchs
Professor of Psychology Emeritus

Guenter H. Rose
Associate Professor of Psychology and Psychobiology Emeritus

Melinda Y. Small 
Professor of Psychology Emerita

Paul E. Schaffner
Associate Professor of Psychology Emeritus