Emily M. Peterman

Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science, Chair of Earth and Oceanographic Science Department

What processes control the evolution of mountain belts in time and space? What is the role of disequilibrium during metamorphism? How do micro- and nano-scale processes influence plate-tectonic-scale processes, such as collisional orogenesis and the exhumation of terranes? To address these questions, I use petrology, mineralogy, geochronology and geochemistry to quantify the timing and rates of metamorphic recrystallization, deformation, melting, and other aspects of crustal evolution. My research focuses on developing in situ techniques to measure pressure, temperature, and time, while retaining the petrologic context. Please visit our scanning electron microscope (SEM) site for additional information about current research and collaborations. 

Emily Peterman


  • PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2009
  • BA, Geology and Spanish, Middlebury College, 2004
  • Universidad SEK, Segovia, Spain, 2003