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Faculty and Staff

William H. Barker
Isaac Henry Wing Professor of Mathematics, Chair of Mathematics Department
Classical Geometry; Analysis; Lie Theory; Representation Theory

Eric C. Gaze  
Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Program and Lecturer in Mathematics

Leon Harkleroad
Adjunct Lecturer in Mathematics (spring semester)

Michael King
Lecturer in Mathematics

Adam B. Levy
Professor of Mathematics
Optimization; Variational Analysis; Numerical Methods

Miriam Logan
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Justin Marks
Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics

Jack O'Brien
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Thomas Pietraho
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Representation theory of real reductive Lie groups: geometric quantization and related combinatorics

Amanda Redlich (on leave of absence for the spring 2014 semester)
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Manuel L. Reyes
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ring and Module Theory; Noncommutative (Algebraic) Geometry; Operator Algebras; Categories

Jennifer Taback
Professor of Mathematics
Geometric and combinatorial group theory, large scale geometry of infinite groups

Mary Lou Zeeman (on leave of absence for the 2013-14 academic year)
R. Wells Johnson Professor of Mathematics
Geometric dynamical systems, mathematical biology, population dynamics, neuroendocrinology and hormone oscillations, hypothalamus-pituitary interactions

Emeritus Faculty

Charles A. Grobe, Jr.

Professor of Mathematics Emeritus

Wells Johnson
Isaac Henry Wing Professor of Mathematics Emeritus

Rosemary A. Roberts
Professor of Mathematics Emerita
Statistics, probability, data analysis, and conditional statistical inference

Research Associates

Michael L. Cain
Research Associate in Biology and Mathematics

Olaf Ellers
Research Associate in Biology and Mathematics

Support Staff

Sue Theberge
Senior Academic Department Coordinator
(207) 725-3567