Summer Opportunities

The list of summer opportunities includes undergraduate research programs in pure and applied mathematics; programs in data analysis, statistics, and biostatistics; institutes in mathematical biology; as well as opportunities for teaching mathematics.

The list is by no means comprehensive, but should serve as a place to start your search.

Many of these opportunities are posted on eBear and LACN (Liberal Arts Career Network)—both of which have links on the Career Exploration and Development website. Conduct a "Job Search" and select "Internships"; then use keywords: mathematics, accounting, analyst, etc.

Summer Research Opportunities at Bowdoin

Students can sometimes conduct summer research with a professor at Bowdoin. If you are interested, contact your professors early in the spring semester and check out the Bowdoin Student Research Awards. The deadlines for application for summer research awards tend to be in late February and early March.  For examples of past undergraduate research experiences in the Mathematics Department, see our student research page.  Most individual faculty pages have descriptions of their research interests, and some have specific information for students interested in working on research projects with them.

Our Tip Sheet

We have put together a long, but non-exhausitve, list of links and resources to start your search.  Please contact one of the department faculty if you have questions.