Student Awards

The Italian Studies Program awards several prizes to students who have demonstrated excellence in Italian.
Italian Prizes
Zach Messitte '90 (second from the right)

Raimondi and Dante Prizes

The Raimondi and Dante prizes were established in 2010 by the generous donation of Bowdoin alumnus, Zach Messitte '90.

  • The Raimondi Prize honors the most outstanding senior in Italian studies.
  • The Dante Prize is awarded to the student who writes the best essay on Dante that year.


2018 Dante Prize Recipients

Dante Prize in Italian Studies:

Christopher "CJ" Markisz '20 and Spencer Wuest

2018 Raimondi Prize Recipients

Raimondi Prize in Italian Studies:

Emily Beaulieu '18 and Cesar Varela '18


Raimondi Prize Recipients:

Adam Glynn '17, Clarissa Hunnewell '17, Bridget Went '17

Dante Prize:

Raisa Tolchinsky '17

Italian Honors 2017


Raimondi Prize:

May Kim '16

Dante Prize:

Anna Bradley Webb '16

Romance Language and Literatures:

Michael Colbert '16
2016 Honors Recipients


Raimondi Prize:

Thomas Henshall '15

Dante Prize:

Hannah Arrighi '15 and Kristen Hilberti '16

2015 Italian Honors Recipients