Alumni and Careers

rachel-allen.jpg See how Rachael Allen, a class of 2018 English Major and Italian Studies Minor, puts her education to work in a recently published article in The Atlantic.
Michael Colbert, '16

Michael Colbert

After graduating, I moved to a small town in the north of Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Program. Time TA-ing for the Italian Department at Bowdoin helped ease my transition to new work, but the language came as a shock as it was remarkably different from studying in Bologna after taking Italian at Bowdoin. Since JET, I work in the Bowdoin Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. I continue to seek out ways to use Italian every day through reading, films, and talking with friends. Thanks to my independent study with Professor Saiber my last semester at Bowdoin, I laid the groundwork for some freelance translating. I've worked with a couple of Italian authors and found a way to combine my love of creative writing and Italian.

John Mortelliti, '13

John Mortelliti

I started Bowdoin as a Spanish major but after a spending a summer studying in Rome and another teaching English in Parma, I added Italian and graduated a Romance Languages major. My grandparents are from Italy and I wanted to explore the language and culture of my heritage. Learning Italian came easily to me as I was already fluent in Spanish. I loved my Italian classes, my amazing professors and the close-knit family of the department. Italian and Spanish have had a profound impact on my career post-Bowdoin.

John Mortelliti

Spanish: I was a Spanish teacher in New Mexico, I completed a MA in Spanish Translation and Localization Management from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, and I have done Spanish translation and interpretation work as a freelancer. Italian: I am a Certified Court Interpreter for the State of New York and interpreted an Italian divorce/domestic violence case in California. I use my language skills every day in my career in the localization (language services) industry. I worked at, an e-commerce company in Emeryville, CA and I currently work at SimulTrans, a language service provider in Mountain View, CA. I work closely with translators and though I no longer translate or interpret, I still use my language skills in every-day communications and linguistic QA.

Michael Hannaman '13

Michael Hannaman

Class of: 2013

Major(s): Psychology

Minor(s): Italian Studies

During my freshman fall at Bowdoin, I decided on a whim to take Italian 101 and quickly fell in love with the language and with Bowdoin's wonderful and supportive Italian department. Though I entered college with the intention of pursuing Psychology as my major and eventual career path, my fascination with Italian led me to minor in the department and, ultimately, to change course and pursue graduate studies in Italian instead! Spending a semester abroad at the Università di Napoli "L'Orientale" was a highlight of my Bowdoin experience, through which I gained a deep appreciation for the culture and history of southern Italy. I came to love Italian literature through Professor Saiber's course on Dante's Commedia and my independent study on Petrarca and Boccaccio, which left me hungry for more and inspired me to pursue Italian literary studies after Bowdoin.