Strategic Priority Overview


Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience

Design and deliver tools, methods, and programs that empower the educational mission, enable students to thrive, and that enhance the creative and digital fluency of all learners across the College.

Digital Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Design and support approaches that remove barriers to participation, strengthen the experience of belonging, and create opportunities for all constituents to fully participate in the breadth of opportunities across the College.

Community Engagement

Develop and sustain a model of communication and engagement to ensure alignment with the evolving needs and priorities of the College and manage the pace and rate of technical change.

Digital Infrastructure

Ensure the community can connect with each other and College resources to learn and work and ensure that systems and services are highly available and secure.

Digital Trust and Cybersecurity

Empower digital citizenship across the College, enabling the community to navigate digital environments in ways that are safe and responsible, while proactively identifying and addressing cyber risks.

IT Culture and Talent

Foster an inclusive and collaborative environment in IT that cultivates an experience of belonging to attract, develop, and retain talented people.

Advancing Innovation through Technology

Harness advancements in technology to enhance the educational, work, and lived experience for students, faculty, and staff.