2023-2026 Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities for 2023 to 2026 are developed to reflect and guide the goals and aspirations that lie ahead for IT, our stakeholder groups, and Bowdoin.

Focus Areas

  • Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience
  • Digital Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Community Engagement
  • Digital Infrastructure

Strategic Priority Overview

  • Digital Trust and Cybersecurity
  • IT Culture and Talent
  • Advancing Innovation through Technology

Our Process

We determined these priorities by holding five listening sessions with key stakeholder groups across the college and distilling that feedback into common themes. We then identified key actions under each theme that could be completed in the short term and as well as created a roadmap of our long-term initiatives and projects.

The process in discovering the priorities includes

  1. Listening sessions with stakeholder groups (Faculty, Staff, and Students)
  2. Mapping key themes derived from stakeholder responses
  3. Input from President Clayton Rose
  4. Refinement and validation of refined priorities with stakeholder groups
  5. Delivery of the goals for Spring 2023
  6. After July 1, 2023 input will be solicited from Bowdoin’s new College President, Safa Zaki, to determine our aspirations for Fall 2023 through 2026