Project Management Office

Information Technology provides the college with technology and maintenance to support and empower Bowdoin's educational mission. The Project Management Office (PMO) ensures that the right IT projects are getting done at the right time.

What We Do

Since 2019, the PMO has managed or monitored an average of eighty technology projects each year. Project work only represents a portion of the work of IT. In addition to discreet projects, IT teams are responsible for ongoing operational work each year to make sure that the systems our students, staff, and faculty use are up to date and secure, integrated into our network, and supported by our Service Desk. 

Why do we need a PMO?

Choosing an online application or system to manage your business proceses, or moving from one tool to another, can be daunting. The PMO is here to help guide these efforts and engage IT teams as needed. We will first ask, "What problem are you trying to solve?". Once your business requirements are clear, we will work closely with all stakeholders to identify the right tool, as well as the technical and functional teams, to map out and execute this work. We aim to do the right projects at the right time.

Have a project?

Are you in need of technology to solve a business question? We are here to help! Below are the first steps to consider when you need IT resources to move forward.

Step 1: Internal information gathering

Before you submit a project proposal, please take the time to check in with your colleagues and supervisor to make sure they are aware of and in alignment with this proposal.

Step 2: Submit project proposal form

This will help us learn some of the basics of your project. 

Propose a new IT project

Top Priority Projects 2023-2025

  • Bowdoin "OneWorkday" ERP Implementation. Finance (Jan 2024) Student (Sept 2025)
  • Network Upgrade (2025)
  • Summer 2024 Registration (2024)
  • Slate for Co-Curricular Opportunities  (2024)
  • Alumni Relations Engagement Tool (2024)
Technology Project Lifecycle at Bowdoin

The Pre-Project Checklist Includes

  • A needs analysis to learn what problems you are trying to solve.
  • An environmental scan of what solutions already exist at Bowdoin and what other colleges and industries are using.
  • A review of options that goes beyond just functionality and features. We’ll begin to look at accessibility, security, and more.
PMO Team and Liaisons