Majors and Minors

Bowdoin offers 42 majors and 41 minors within 23 departments, 7 programs and 6 special areas, as well as a student-designed major option. Students may opt for a single, double, or coordinate major (education or environmental studies combined with another major). Bowdoin is a liberal arts college with strengths in science and mathematics. While declared majors in the social and behavioral sciences division have traditionally made up the majority, those in the natural science and mathematics division have risen to match them in recent years. About 37 percent of declared students choose majors within the humanities and fine arts division. Students are not asked to declare a major until April of their sophomore year, so roughly half of all enrolled students are still yet undeclared. Although not required, about 41 percent of declared students choose a minor in addition to their major.

Summary of Fall 2019 Majors

Of the 1,973 students studying in residence and off campus, 957 (48.5 percent) have declared a major as of Fall 2019. Of these 957 students, 505 (52.8 percent) have declared a single major; 344 (35.9 percent) have declared a double major; and 108 (11.3 percent) have declared a coordinate major (education or environmental studies combined with another major).

Top 10 Declared Majors

1. Government and Legal Studies, 193
2. Economics, 144
3. Mathematics, 93
4. English, 68
5. Biology, 67
6. Neuroscience, 63
6. Environmental Studies *, 61
8. Computer Science, 60
9. History, 57
10. Psychology, 53

 * Education and Environmental Studies are coordinate majors that must be combined with another major.