From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin

From Our Campaign Chairs

Alumni, families, and friends of the College—

We are honored and excited to answer the call to lead From Here: The Campaign for Bowdoin. We are devoted to our College for so many reasons—for its promises to students, its exceptional educational experience, and its life-changing impact on us all.

It would be easy to be complacent about Bowdoin’s excellence and national distinction, but that’s not the Bowdoin spirit. We are ever ambitious—indeed eager—to build on and expand the features that set our college apart: need-blind, no loan admissions; an education relevant for the future; and the resources and opportunities that launch students confidently toward their aspirations.

Our campaign goal of $500 million is audacious, given the relatively small size of our alumni and parent ranks. It represents a bold commitment to the next generation of graduates who will change the world through critical thinking dedicated to the common good—graduates who are prepared to be “at home in all lands” and “leaders in all walks of life.”

This is a campaign rooted in our confidence in the profound power and enduring value of a liberal arts education and in the imperative to build on Bowdoin’s great strengths to benefit not just the modern era, but also eras yet to come. The funds we raise will be an investment in that future and will also continue to ensure that every admitted student will be able to attend and fully experience all that the Bowdoin community has to offer. We ask that you join us by contributing to the campaign’s initiatives that will make a Bowdoin education available to the next generations.

We thank the alumni and families who have built the foundation for this campaign. As campaign leaders, we invite you to partner with them and with us in this truly consequential endeavor for the benefit of every student who joins our community of alumni, families, and friends.

Sydney Asbury ’03 and Michael Farrell ’01
Elizabeth ’00 and John McQuillan ’87
Anne ’80 and Scott Perper ’78

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