Post-Graduate Pathways

Recent Bowdoin graduates interested in teaching can choose between two pathways to arrive at the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars program.

While there are many ways one can become a teacher, the education department has outlined two clear routes Bowdoin graduates can follow to realize their goals. Students need to think through the path that works best for them. Our faculty and staff are happy to help advise students considering either an undergraduate or post-graduate pathway to BTS.

Teaching Pathway (undergraduate years)

One way to the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars program is to complete the BTS course prerequisites as an undergraduate. These courses are EDU 1101: Contemporary American EducationEDU 2203: Educating All Students; EDUC 3301: Teaching and Learning; and EDUC 3302: Curriculum Development.

Post-Graduate Teaching Pathway

Sometimes students realize late in their college career that they want to be a teacher and run out of time to take the BTS prerequisites. Or students want to focus on taking other courses during their undergraduate years. In these cases, students who have completed EDUC 1101EDUC 2203, and all content area requirements as undergraduates may take EDUC 3301: Teaching and Learning and EDUC 3302: Curriculum Development in the fall semester within two years after they graduate.

Participants on the post-graduate teaching pathway receive a $3,000 fall-semester stipend in addition to the $6,000 stipend they are paid during the spring BTS program. Tuition will be waived for post-graduate students.

Prospective participants must submit the Postgraduate Teaching Pathway Interest Submission Form by April 15th.

Snow Family Teaching Fellowship

Recent graduates can apply for the Snow Family Teaching Fellowship to work in a teaching and mentoring capacity for the Education Department during the fall semester within two years of graduation (and in the semester prior to the Fellow's enrollment in Bowdoin Teacher Scholars).

A primary objective of the fellowship is to offer the Fellow a range of opportunities to engage in professional development in a variety of teaching, learning, and mentoring contexts. Learn more about the Snow Family Teaching Fellowship.

Mohamed Kilani

Mohamed "Mo" Kilani

Class of: 2021

Location: Portland, Maine

Major(s): Education, Hispanic Studies

Mo Kilani will graduate from Bowdoin Teacher Scholars in May 2022. He completed his practicum teaching seventh-grade Spanish at Lincoln Middle School in Portland, Maine—his home city. He hopes to continue working as a Spanish teacher in Portland. (Fun fact: Kilani is fluent in three dialects of Arabic, as well as French, Kurdish, and Spanish.)

Why do you want to be a teacher?

"The reason I want to teach is because I want to make public education more culturally sensitive, aware, and inclusive, and to change how we think about language instruction. I want to bridge languages and show students how Arabic and Spanish are so similar, for example, and to teach kids not to see something as foreign but as normal and part of your identity, that language is part of our humanity. 

Also, because of my background, teaching is a calling I have. I arrived and lived in this place [Maine] as a refugee, and I wanted to know what my purpose was after leaving my home country, [Iraq]. Also, if you are presented an opportunity to stay in your home community and flourish there, that is worth a million bucks!"

Why diid you choose to enroll in BTS as a post-graduate?

"I did it after graduating for a number of reasons. I was doing a double major with Hispanic Studies and Education. After I went abroad in the spring of 2020, I had to come back from Spain early, in March, and those credits weren’t counted toward my major. So I was a little delayed with my Spanish. [My advisor Doris Santoro] said the post-grad option is a neat opportunity because there is stipend—which is huge when you’re living in Portland. I don’t think any of the other training programs offer that. Also, I felt more mature in my teaching philosophy and how I wanted to teach."

Andrew McGowan

Andrew McGowan

Class of: 2019

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Major(s): Education, English

Minor(s): Cinema Studies

McGowan is an educator with Film Pittsburgh's Teen Screen—a film-based education nonprofit connected to the film festivals in Pittsburgh. He completed his BTS teaching practicum in Brunswick High School, working with English language learners.

What drew you to teaching?

I always had great admiration for my teachers, and a quiet ambition to follow in their footsteps. Through elementary, middle, and high school, I cultivated a desire to some day lead a classroom of my own. When I got to Bowdoin, my interest in the profession took on a newfound appreciation through the education major. I grew to realize not just the appeal of teaching, but the importance of it, and the role it can play in empowering young people. Above all, however, the primary thing that draws me to teaching will always be community—it is a unique profession where one has constant engagement with a community of other educators, students, parents, families, and caretakers. 

Why did you decide to do BTS as a postgraduate?

BTS was on my radar before I even applied to Bowdoin. When I first visited, I was taken with the opportunity Bowdoin offered education students to pursue teaching. Once enrolled, I committed to taking the BTS prerequisites. However, in an attempt to embrace the liberal arts curriculum to the fullest degree, I decided to hold off on the actual practicum until after graduation. In the year between graduation and BTS, I lived in Los Angeles, exploring careers related to my cinema studies minor. Nevertheless, returning to Maine for BTS was always the plan, and Spring 2021 ended up being the right time for it!