Applications for the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars program will be considered the fall before a candidate intends to enroll.

A complete application will include: 

  • Online application form
  • Résumé (uploaded in application)
  • Transcript (unofficial is fine, uploaded in application)
  • CHRC & Fingerprinting:
    • Proof of MEIS account creation and submission of CHRC application (screenshot is fine, uploaded in application). Step-by-step instructions available here. The CHRC application fee payable to the Maine Department of Education is $15.
    • Proof of fingerprinting registration with Identogo (screenshot is fine, uploaded in application). The fingerprinting fee payable to Identogo is $55.
    • Fees are later reimbursed by the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars stipend, but please contact Cassie Jones, Interim Field Placement and Outreach Coordinator, with any concerns regarding these upfront costs. 
  • In a five- to seven-page essay (uploaded in application), please describe how your experiences at Bowdoin and beyond have demonstrated a commitment to the education department's core values:
    • 1) Be aware of the big picture
    • 2) Embrace theory and practice
    • 3) Live in and model the spirit of inquiry
    • As part of your response, please specifically discuss two teaching standards that you feel will be areas of strength for you during your practicum, and discuss two standards that you feel will be challenging and why. 
  • Interview with education department members—please contact Cassie Jones to sign up for time.

Appeals Process

If a candidate is not accepted into the Bowdoin Teacher Scholars, the candidate may appeal to an ad hoc committee comprised of Bowdoin College faculty.
To begin the appeals process, the candidate must:

  • Inform, in writing, the education department chair of the desire to appeal.
  • Submit a written justification for the appeal.

Following a meeting of the ad hoc committee, the candidate will be notified of the decision. 

Additional Notes

  • Because Bowdoin Teacher Scholars who choose the undergraduate pathway receive only three credits for their practicum, seminar, and independent study during the spring semester of their junior or senior year, they may need a fifth course earlier in their college career in order to obtain the thirty-two credits needed for graduation.
  • Bowdoin Teacher Scholars must be fingerprinted prior to beginning their student teaching practicum. Proof of fingerprinting registration is due at the time of application. See information on testing and fingerprinting.
  • The education department provides student teaching field placements only for subject areas in which the Department has State of Maine authorization to certify. These include secondary mathematics, life science, physical science, English, social studies, and K-12 world languages.