Mellow Music for Munchkins

The Bowdoin College Children’s Center believes that children enjoy and appreciate music from an early age and it is critical to their language and cognitive development.

We want to build a program that surrounds them with music so they will learn through exposure to live music. The program “Mellow Music for Munchkins” is designed to meet their developmental interests and curiosity. 

If you play a musical instrument like the violin, cello, guitar, banjo, ukulele, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, etc… and would like to come to the Center to practice in our space the children could listen to, experience, and begin to understand all types of music (especially classical, baroque, or jazz).  There is space in the reception area of the building or in a room with children (depending on the instruments) for students to offer live music for all of our children to hear. If you play with another person having a duet or trio is also welcomed.