Advisory Committee

Committee formed at the beginning of each academic year to act as a sounding board and support system to the Director. Members also act as links between administration and parent body. Committee meets monthly and typically parents serve for one full year.

Advisory Committee updates:

2021-22 Advisory Committee:

Bowdoin College Staff

Megan Hart, Legal Office and Assistant Secretary of the College

Benje Douglas, Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Diversity


BCCC Staff

Betsy Myers, Assistant Director

Jewely Hill, Infant co-lead

Sarah Loshusan, Infant educator


BCCC Current Parents

Elizabeth Barker

Justin Fahey

Gretchen Henderson

Barbara Elias Klenner

Kelly Parker-Guilbert

Jenn Pidgeon

Kristin Odejimi

Shana Starobin

Christie Stuntz

Christine Sullivan

Peggy Wang


BCCC Former Parents

Michael Cato

Alison Miller

Zach Stegeman