The Children’s Center at Bowdoin College strives to provide an excellent standard of care that intentionally nurtures and supports all children, families and educators.

Our Philosophy

The educators at the Bowdoin College Children’s Center welcome children and their families appreciating the diversity that forms our classroom communities. We celebrate a joyful, warm, and nurturing atmosphere throughout the center where educators and children create strong foundational relationships through vibrant experiences and reflective practice. The center embodies commitment for our young children through our responsiveness to the interests of children and families and our partnership in their lives.

Our Community

The Children’s Center places itself in the context of community within and between classrooms, as an integral part of Bowdoin College and in the Brunswick neighborhood. We identify ourselves as community members through our professional interactions, support for educators, and partnerships with families. By designing our curriculum to use the offerings of the college we establish a strong relationship with this immediate community and its members helping children see themselves as part of a larger group. The diversity of our community rich with skills, interests, and abilities is enhanced as we draw on all of these parts. At times the Center is a continuing resource to the academic life at Bowdoin by opening our doors to students and faculty as they build understandings of young children or offering employment to students throughout the year.