<strong>The Children’s Center at Bowdoin College</strong> strives to provide an excellent standard of care that intentionally <em>nurtures and supports</em> all children, families and educators.

Bowdoin College Children's Center

Bowdoin College Children's Center

The Bowdoin College Children’s Center strives to provide an excellent standard of care that intentionally nurtures and supports all children, families and educators.

Secure relationships are the context for play.

The Children’s Center builds its practice on research that asserts attachment and presence are the basis for play and learning. The primary relationships between each child, their family, and our educators is the foundation of our care. With these close connections, the presence that we offer in their lives brings security, stability, and calm.

Play is learning

Play is learning.

Our expectation is that when children are securely connected to the caregivers, they are free to learn from their play. When children play without adult interruption, they are active agents investigating and exploring their world.

diversity makes our community rich

Diversity makes our community rich.

We appreciate the diversity that forms our community and celebrate a joyful, warm, and nurturing atmosphere throughout the Center with anti-bias curriculum, inclusion of all children, and responsiveness to individuality.

Nature-based play

Nature-based play makes their world accessible.

Children are also offered access to the outdoor play yards throughout the day, every day, and in all kinds of weather. This commitment to nature-based learning completes the academic preparation that research shows is substantial and nourishing for young children.