Bowdoin College Children's Center Collaborations

Bowdoin College Children's Center is proud to be a part of a thriving college community and to be a place of learning for those interested in child development.

A benefit of being at the heart of campus is that the Bowdoin College Children's Center Community expands to include a diverse group of college students.These relationships are dually beneficial as both the students and the Bowdoin College Children's Center thrive off of the support and relationships being built. We are committed to our entire community.

  • We rely on student employees each semester to support our work with children.
  • We collaborate with professors and their students to enhance not only their course work but also to learn more about our children and care.
  • We utilize Bowdoin College students with special skills such as foreign language or music to help enhance our curriculum and provide another layer of diversity to our program
  • We open our doors to Early Education practicum students to support our growing professional field.

Student Testimonials

"My shift at the Bowdoin College Children's Center each week is a highlight for me. To take a break from class work, be outside, and be with children is an essential part of enjoying my time at Bowdoin."

—Student Employee

"I'm actually considering applying for a camp counselor position for younger children now, solely due to the positive experience I had at the Bowdoin College Children's Center!"

 —Student Psych Intern

"This is actually going to be what I miss most about Bowdoin. It has been a life-changing experience that I will not forget."

—Graduating Senior, Foreign Language & Music Volunteer