Summer Research Fellowships

During the Summer of 2020, the Biological Sciences will offer summer fellowship opportunities to support student research with a faculty mentor.

Summer Research Fellowships: The Office of Student Fellowships and Research is an essential resource for students interested in pursuing research during their undergraduate years or seeking nationally competitive fellowships.  Their goal is to further student academic endeavors by connecting worthy students to merit-based opportunities, to encourage self-development, and to make the application process a worthwhile learning experience.  For a complete list of Summer Institutional Research Fellowship opportunities, please click here.

Fellowships in the Biological Sciences:  Fellowships may include: Life Sciences Fellowships, INBRE Fellowships {Maine IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence}, Bowdoin Scientific Station (BSS) Fellowships and Paller Neuroscience Research Fellowships.  See below for more details.  

Bowdoin Scientific Station (BSS) Fellowships: Fellowships are available to support summer research at the College's biological research station on Kent Island, in Canada's Bay of Fundy. BSS Fellowships support field studies in a variety of disciplines (e.g., biology/ecology, geology, oceanography, and chemistry). It is expected that research conducted with BSS Fellowship support will culminate in an Advanced Independent Study or Honors in one of the natural sciences or in Environmental Studies. The BSS Summer Fellowship Program lasts for 8 weeks. A stipend, plus transportation, meals, and lodging at Kent Island are provided. A parallel fellowship program at BSS is offered for the arts and humanities. Students interested in applying for a fellowship should contact the Director of the Bowdoin College Scientific Station on Kent Island, Professor Patricia Jones ( See more information about Kent Island.

Bowdoin College Fellowships in the Life Sciences: Funds donated to the College will support 8, 9 or 10 week fellowships for students wishing to conduct independent research in the life sciences during the summer.  In addition to students working with faculty in the biological sciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience), students working on biological problem in the physical sciences and mathematics are eligible for these fellowships.  Students will receive a stipend of $425/week and subsidized college housing, as well as funds to cover research supplies. On campus housing is on a first come first served basis.

INBRE Summer Fellowships: An INBRE (IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence) grant from the NIH will support 8, 9 or 10 week fellowships for students wishing to conduct independent summer research addressing biomedical questions, including questions relating to comparative functional genomics.  Students will receive a stipend of $425/week and subsidized college housing, as well as funds to cover research supplies. On campus housing is on a first come first served basis.

INBRE Post-baccalaureate Summer Fellowship: Bowdoin will offer a summer fellowship (stipend $425/week plus housing on campus) for a graduating senior to continue working on his or her ongoing research project, with a goal of making progress towards publication, for 8-10 weeks during the summer after graduation.  Because this fellowship is supported by the National Institutes of Health and the Maine INBRE (IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence) program, projects submitted for the fellowship should have some biomedical relevance, with a preference for projects in the general field of comparative functional genomics (broadly defined). On-campus housing will be on a first-come first-serve basis.  

The Biology faculty will schedule an informational meeting for information on summer fellowships in the Biological Sciences.  Date TBD. 

Students should begin discussing potential projects with faculty sponsors early in the Spring semester 2019.

To apply for a Bowdoin Scientific Station Fellowship click here.

To apply for a Life Sciences or INBRE Summer Fellowship, use Bowdoin Student Fellowships’ online application.  You may request support for project-related expenses of up to $1000; an itemized budget and justification should be submitted by your mentor with their letter of support. (Note:  Additional materials are required for Paller Fellowship applications; please see your mentor for details.)


Applications & Deadlines: 

  • Late November/early December:  Contact faculty to find out about research opportunities for the following summer.
  • Monday, February 10, 2020 (noon): Deadline for students to submit the Phase One Application. Once submitted you will receive an automated email with a link to the Phase Two application.
  • Monday, February 24, 2020 (noon): Deadline for students to submit the Phase Two application online. Late applications will not be accepted; students should plan accordingly.
  • Applicants who have been selected by the Biological Fellowships Committee will be notified by email by Wednesday, March 11, 2020, that they are being offered Biological Science fellowships. 
  • Monday, March 23, 2020 is the deadline for students to accept or decline Biological Summer Fellowships.
  • On Monday, March 30, 2020, if funds are available, a second round of awards may be offered to students who did not receive a Fellowship.

Students should make appointments with a member of Biology, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience Faculty to discuss individual requirements when working on a summer research project.