Riley Research Awards

Riley Research Awards, established by a gift from Matilda and John Riley, support student engagement in anthropological research.

Anthropology majors or minors who are interested in conducting independent research projects or pursuing educational enrichment activities during the summer are encouraged to apply for a Riley Research Award.  These awards range from $2,360 to $4,720 (based on a weekly stipend of $590/week for 4-to-8 weeks).  Students pursue their research in cultural anthropology or anthropological archaeology either at Bowdoin or off-campus (nationally or internationally).  The awards may be used to cover costs such a as travel, room and board, field school fees (only non-credit components), and other expenses related to undertaking research.

Application Deadline

The deadline for 2023-2024 Riley Research Awards is April 10th, 2024.

Complete grant applications should be emailed to the Anthropology Department Coordinator, Monica Gallego ( Applicants should list their last name and the grant name as the subject of the email. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Criteria for Selection
Awards are made on the basis of the quality and feasibility of the project as described in the narrative section of the proposal, the project’s relevance to the applicant’s course of study and academic goals, the applicant’s preparation to carry out the project, the applicant’s academic record, and the faculty mentor’s recommendation.
Additional Notes
  • Only Anthropology majors and minors may apply
  • Graduating seniors are not eligible to apply for Riley Research Awards
  • The funds may not be used to cover credit-granting components of field schools or for tuition for summer school or language courses.