Enrichment Grants

The Anthropology Department offers Enrichment Grants to students interested in furthering their study of cultural anthropology and anthropological archaeology.

Students enrolled in Anthropology courses at Bowdoin are eligible to apply for funds to carry out anthropological research during the academic year or to participate in related conferences and programs. Preference will be given to declared majors and minors; however, all students enrolled in the Department’s courses are welcome to apply.

Students may apply for funds to cover travel, off-campus food and lodging costs, research-related expenses, and conference or workshop fees. Awards range from $50 to $500. Individuals may receive a maximum of one award per semester. Projects must be completed while students are enrolled at the College. If a student receives funding for the project from another source, the student is expected to decline the Department’s award unless the other funding source supports a different component of the research, conference, or program (or is required to fully fund the project).

Application Deadlines

Anthropology Enrichment Grants are due on the last Monday of the Month from September through April. Complete grant applications should be emailed to the Department Coordinator, Monica Gallego (m.gallego@bowdoin.edu). Applicants should attach application materials to an email and list their last name and the grant name as the subject of the email. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Reporting the Results

Students awarded an Anthropology Enrichment Grants should write a short report describing their involvement in the project, conference experience, or academic program. This report must be submitted to Department Coordinator, Monica Gallego (m.gallego@bowdoin.edu) within two weeks of completion of the project. Students are encouraged to include images related to the project.

Criteria for Selection
  • Quality of the proposal
  • Feasibility of the project as described in the narrative
  • Project’s significance and relevance to the applicant’s academic career at Bowdoin
  • Applicant’s academic standing

Students who cannot complete outlined work or attend the conference or program should contact the department chair to discuss what portion of the funds should be returned to the department. Students who fail to submit their reports will be expected to return award funds. Failure to handle money and reports appropriately may impact the student’s ability to receive future funding from the college.