Ask a Student

We encourage you to have ongoing contact with a current Bowdoin student, one who has first-hand insight and can tell you about the professors, the course load, campus housing, the social life, the ins and outs.

The students below are available via email at

Ask a Student: Patrick BloniaszPatrick Bloniasz

Hometown: Brookline, New Hampshire
Major: Mathematics and Neuroscience
Minor: Philosophy

Campus involvement: Chamber Choir, America Counts Tutor, Researcher, Tour Guide, Student Admissions Volunteer Organization, Programming Chair for MacMillan House, BowdoinCollegeTEDx, Summer Health Class Trainer/Instructor, Club Basketball, and various McKeen Center Programs.

How I found Bowdoin: I came across Bowdoin when reading about volunteerism in U.S colleges during my sophomore year of high school. I ended up visiting Bowdoin at the very start of my college search, immediately fell in love with the Offer of the College, and then bought a key lanyard in a fit of excitement. For the rest of my high school career, that lanyard followed me; no matter what I did for clubs or where I went to visit schools, Bowdoin was always on the back of my mind. From that first contact, Brunswick has been a second home to me. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else and, thus, decided to apply early decision. I have never regretted a moment.

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Benjamin BousquetBen Bousquet.jpg

Hometown: Mystic, CT
Major: History/English double major
Minor: Asian Studies

Campus involvement: George J. Mitchell Special Collections & Archives, Hawthorne-Longfellow Library circulation desk, Bowdoin College concert band, Bowdoin chamber ensemble, admissions head tour guide, history teaching assistant, programming chair of MacMillan House

How I found Bowdoin: I knew early in my college search that I wanted a small, tight-knit community, so I looked through a variety of college guidebooks to find schools that fit this description. Through these, Bowdoin stood out as a place where I would be able to really grow as a student and thrive socially, so I came to interview and eventually stayed for an overnight visit. After that visit I knew Bowdoin was the ideal fit for me due to the collaborative nature of the students and the high levels of engagement I saw across campus.

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Ask a Student: Maggie BurkeMaggie Burke

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Major: History
Minor: Hispanic Studies

Campus Involvement:

  • Receptionist at the Admissions office
  • Student Assistant at the Media Commons in HL
  • Programming Chair of Burnett House, where I also live
  • Dancer with VAGUE, a student lead jazz dance group
  • Chair of Hospital Relations for The Bowdoin College Dance Marathon, a charity organization run through the McKeen center

How I found Bowdoin:
All I knew going into my junior year of high school was that I wanted a small, liberal arts college for my undergraduate experience. When I visited Bowdoin later that year, it was my first time ever visiting Maine. I knew I wanted to experience something a bit different from my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, but I never thought I would fall in love with a school that was so far away. Though I was nervous I would be homesick, I couldn't be more happy that I applied to Bowdoin. I felt so at home from the minute I got to campus. With such amazing classes and professors, extensive extracurriculars, and its proximity to both the city of Portland and the ocean, I knew I would never run out of things to learn and places to explore. Despite its distance from Kansas City, Bowdoin has since become my home away from home, and I'm so happy I decided to take a leap of faith and look into this amazing institution during my college search. 

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Ask a Student: Ella JamanElla Jaman

Hometown: Elmhurst, NY
Majors: Physics with a minor in Asian Studies

Campus involvement: Bowdoin Women in Physics, Bowdoin Science Scholars

How I found Bowdoin: Coming from a large high school with over 2,500 students, I was looking for a college where I could be more than just another face in a crowd. Additionally, it was important for me to find a college that would not only give me the freedom to explore my varied academic interests, but also encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and consider subjects I had no previous experience in. When I came to Bowdoin under the Explore Bowdoin program, I became convinced that Bowdoin was a place that had the resources to support me in all my academic and personal endeavors, but what truly set Bowdoin apart from other schools for me was its deep commitment to serving its students and its community. After that visit, I knew Bowdoin was the right fit for me because of its close-knit, collaborative community, and its dedication to providing a space where students can thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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Ask a Student: Aine LawlorAine Lawlor

Hometown: Helena, Montana
Major: Government & Legal Studies
Minor: English

Campus involvement: Women's Varsity Soccer team, Bowdoin Outing Club (completed leadership training and am a trained raft guide, telemark ski instructor, and nordic ski instructor), led a McKeen Center orientation trip, led an Alternative Spring Break focused on poverty and homelessness in Maine, volunteer weekly at the Volunteer Lawyer's Project in Portland, writing assistant at the Writing Center in the CLT, associate editor and writer (and soon-to-be editor in chief) of the Bowdoin Harpoon (our satire publication on campus), completed a training institute and worked with the Office of Gender Violence Prevention and Education, student representative on the Bias Incident Committee, Admissions Tour Guide, student employee at the Pub, mentor at Brunswick High School, Bowdoin RISE cast member, OutAllies member

How I found Bowdoin: When thinking about college, I knew I wanted a small liberal arts school that was academically rigorous and offered a strong connection to place and thus I was drawn to the NESCACs. I quickly realized that Bowdoin offered great academics, strong athletic teams, extensive alumni connections, and it did so in any absolutely beautiful location. I visited Bowdoin and loved the trails around campus, the Coastal Studies Center, and all of the people I met. I had a general idea of what I was looking for in a school, but Bowdoin has given me so much more than what I had expected!  

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