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We encourage you to have ongoing contact with a current Bowdoin student, one who has first-hand insight and can tell you about the professors, the course load, campus housing, the social life, the ins and outs.

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a headshot of Ayla Taylor

Ayla Taylor '26 (she/her)

Santa Fe, NM

Major/Minor: Biology with a concentration in molecular and cellular biology.

Campus Involvement: I am a part of Women's club soccer, the Alpine Ski Team, the Bowdoin Outing Club, Office Hours (the improv group), and more!

Why Bowdoin? When I visited Bowdoin I knew the school itself checked all my boxes (small liberal arts school, tight knit community, access to the outdoors through the BOC, great room and board, phenomenal professors, etc.). But going into my college visits everyone told me that there's a feeling you get on campus when you know it's the right school for you. And almost immediately after stepping onto the Bowdoin campus I felt that. I had never felt so welcomed or intrigued to explore everything. As I was walking through campus multiple students waved and smiled, and although it was a small gesture I had never experienced such an open and inclusive community. I later learned it was called the "Bowdoin Hello" and now my days are filled with it starting with my closest friends to complete strangers on campus.

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a headshot of Sydney Starks

Sydney Starks '24 (she/her)

Greensboro, NC

Major/Minor: Theater major, sociology minor

Campus Involvement: Women of Color Coalition, Student Activities, McKeen Center Volunteer, Equestrian team

Why Bowdoin? I chose Bowdoin because I didn’t know what I wanted to study as a high school senior, and Bowdoin offered me the flexibility to decide on a major further along in my college journey. I’m now a Theater major, something I would have never imagined for myself, which epitomizes how students can enjoy boundless academics opportunities! I also love Maine in the Summer and Fall. Even if you aren’t an “outdoorsy” person, Bowdoin is a place that will encourage you to embrace nature which has been amazing!

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a headshot of Lia Scharnau

Lia Scharnau '26 (she/her)

Marion, IA

Major/Minor: Undeclared, but focusing on a biology (concentration in molecular and cellular biology) with a minor in music

Campus Involvement: Ursus Versus (acapella), Bowdoin Symphony Orchestra, Masque and Gown (theatre), Swing Dance, Nightingale Society, photography club, RISE

Why Bowdoin? Bowdoin was the perfect opportunity to broaden my horizons, while being a part of a close community of peers, faculty, and staff. Thanks to the small size of the college and its focus on a liberal arts education, I've been able to take a wide variety of classes. This was a big draw to me, because I'm interested in lots of subjects and wanted to continue to explore several of my passions in college. The size of the college doesn't stop them from having amazing opportunities and extracurriculars. I love the activities I'm a part of.

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A headshot of student Yassine Khayati

Yassine Khayati '25 (he/him)

Tunis, Tunisia

Major/Minor: Undeclared (Most likely Psychology, potentially double major with Digital and Computational Studies).

Campus Involvement: When I am not studying, I like to be involved with the Peucinian society which is a cool society that meets every Thursday to debate interesting topics (we do a lot more, but you must join to know the secrets!). I am also a member of the mindfulness over matter group, where I like to explore meditations and take a break from schoolwork.

Why Bowdoin? I chose Bowdoin because of its great location and proximity to the ocean, its great community and most importantly the emphasis on the liberal arts education. So far, I believe I made the right choice!

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a headshot of Anna Kelly

Anna Kelly '24 (she/her)

Seattle, WA

Major/Minor: Psychology (Major); Hispanic Studies (Minor). 

Campus Involvement: Tour guide, women's lacrosse, community service chair of Bowdoin Student Athlete Advisory committee, photographer for fashion magazine on campus. 

Why Bowdoin? I chose Bowdoin because I felt like it was a place where I could be more than one thing. In high school, I always felt like everyone was given a label for one thing that they did like: "oh she's the soccer player" or "he's the chess guy." I loved Bowdoin because everyone here is not confined to a singular identity. At Bowdoin, I can be an athlete, a lover of the outdoors, a student, and a leader.

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a headshot of Zunain Husain

Zunain Husain '25 (he/him)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Major/Minor: Mathematics, Economics (Majors); Asian Studies (Minor)

Campus Involvement: Club Soccer, Bowdoin Outing Club - Trip Leader, Campus Tour Guide, South-Asian Student Association, Muslim Student Alliance.

Why Bowdoin? For college, I wanted to be somewhere with close-knit community. Bowdoin seemed to be a great fit for this as most students live on campus and the class sizes are relatively small. This makes it easy for me to meet new people and stay connected with my friends.

On a different note, when talking to Bowdoin students I noticed that everyone here is involved with so many different kinds of activities outside of their academics. It was very important for me to have a meaningful co-curricular experience when in college and Bowdoin provides me with that opportunity.

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a headshot of Aden Ho

Aden Ho '25 (he/him)

Brooklyn, NY

Major/Minor: Biology and Economics 

Campus Involvement: Asian Students Alliance, Outing Club, Club Volleyball, Tour Guide, College House, IT Service Desk

Why Bowdoin? I chose Bowdoin because I thought I would grow the most as a person here. I'm still here because of the people. 

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A headshot of Ayanna Hatton

Ayanna Hatton '24 (she/they)

Freeport, ME

Major/Minor: Biochemistry major and Anthropology minor

Campus Involvement: Masque and Gown, Concert Band, Sustainability Assistant for Office of Sustainability, Tour Guide for Admissions, Bowdoin Women in Science, Multiracial Student Union

Why Bowdoin? The Bowdoin community was the thing that stuck out to me the most after visiting and is one of the many reasons I have enjoyed Bowdoin. Students and staff truly care about each other and are kind. I appreciate the collaborative rather than competitive nature of students. I love being able to walk into any space (classroom, library, dining hall, gym, etc.) and see someone I know.

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a headshot of student Narmer Bazile

Narmer Bazile '25 (he/him)

Shelton, CT

Major/Minor: Mathematics and Computer Sciences (Majors).

Campus Involvement: Outside of classes, I enjoy participating in theater, attending the Mindfulness Over Matter meetings (a student run meditation group), and helping grade for the Computer Science Department. 

Why Bowdoin? What really drew me to Bowdoin is the awesome sense of community, support, and long lasting connections that that are fostered here — it really helps me to feel that I have a voice here on campus. 

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a headshot of student Cassidy Bateman

Cassidy Bateman '24 (she/her)

Missoula, MT

Major/Minor: Chemistry (Major); Theater (Minor)

Why Bowdoin? Hands down, the community. I love how kind the people are, how willing they are to lend a hand, and how much everyone really wants to work together to collaborate. Going to school on the other side of the country is scary, but when you have so many amazing people around you, it makes it much easier and soon Bowdoin begins to feel like home. 

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a headshot of Bennny Adler

Benny Adler '25 (he/him)

Santa Monica, CA

Major/Minor: Earth and Oceanographic Studies; History

Campus Involvement: Band, Healthy Masculinity Club, surfing, Bowdoin Outing Club, Tour Guide, Frisbee

Why Bowdoin? I like the liberal arts and being near the outdoors.

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