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Karam Sutham headshot

Karam Sutham '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Major/Minor: Government and Legal Studies & History

Bowdoin activities: Head Illustrator for the Bowdoin Review (student-led magazine), work for the Government department and Student Activities Office, Board Member for the International Students Association

Why Bowdoin? Bowdoin provides generous financial aid that made college education possible. I did not get a chance to tour the school but it was after the fact that I found the smaller class sizes allowed for discussions that I would not find elsewhere.


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A photograph of student Rory Kliewer

Rory Kliewer '24 (she/they)

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Major/Minor: Biology and Education

Bowdoin activities: I am a leader for Bowdoin Naturalists, oSTEM (Out in STEM), and Bowdoin Symphony Orchestra on campus. I also love to go birding, read, and knit

Why Bowdoin? Bowdoin is a place where everyone cares for everyone else. I felt that through the admissions process, and I have felt it even more strongly in my years at Bowdoin. People at Bowdoin come from many backgrounds and use that to bring compassion and enthusiasm to the classroom and their social lives. It means that you're always hearing new stories at Bowdoin and meeting wonderful new people. There is always an opportunity for a new experience, whether its whitewater kayaking or making a new friend.


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A photograph of student Sadie New

Sadie New '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Major/Minor: Education and Psychology

Bowdoin activities: McKeen Center for the Common Good (mentoring and public service work), Bowdoin Film Society, Bowdoin Student Government, Crocheting and watching movies, I've also been on an intramural badminton team and varsity rugby here. I also love working water polo games and am involved in a lot of their tournaments.

Why Bowdoin? As someone who applied during the height of COVID and from abroad (I graduated high school in Ethiopia), I never really had access to campus, so to have everyone from Bowdoin be so kind, patient, and empathetic during the application process meant a world of difference. Bowdoin students and staff try their best to make sure that everyone can find a space to belong here, which is such a healthy, productive community to be a part of, and has made all the difference for me as a student now! 

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Sam Ralston headshot

Sam Ralston '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Bow, New Hampshire

Major/Minor: Economics & Government and Legal Studies

Bowdoin activities: Men's Ultimate Frisbee, Rotaract Community Service Club, working as a Learning Assistant

Why Bowdoin? Growing up in a small town in New Hampshire, I wanted to get out and meet people from different backgrounds and a variety of places across the US and the world. Bowdoin's diverse student body drew me in, and Bowdoin students are some of the kindest, most interesting people I have ever met.

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franceska-drejaj headshot

Franceska Drejaj '27 (she/her)

Hometown: Brewster, New York

Major/Minor: Education and Government and Legal Studies/English

Bowdoin activities: Mock Trial, Model UN, Quizbowl, QuestBridge Scholars Network, Catholic Students Union, Korean Students Association, Choir & A Capella, Theatre

Why Bowdoin? I truly believe that no other institution prioritizes the success of its students like Bowdoin. The combination of abundant resources and the comfort within community to use those resources is exactly what makes Bowdoin so special to me and why I chose to attend.

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Cadence Lee headshot

Cadence Lee '27 (she/her)

Hometown:  Fairfax, Virginia

Major/Minor: Prospective Economics and Math

Bowdoin activities: Bowdoin Women's Soccer team, Athletes of Color Coalition

Why Bowdoin? The profound sense of community that greeted me when I first visited that drew me in. Not only is the Bowdoin community extraordinary, the resources Bowdoin provides for their students made me certain that I would have the support throughout my four years here to succeed.

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Alex Cephas

Alex Cephas '27 (he/him)

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Major/Minor: Interested in Government and Legal Studies & Economics/Interest in Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies

Bowdoin activities: Track and Field Team, SOCA (Caribbean Students Association), BSU (Black Student Union), Polar Investment Club

Why Bowdoin? I chose Bowdoin because of the amazing resources, and the high living standards. I knew I wanted to attend a school that gave me access to a variety of resources that could help me to better achieve the goals I have set out for myself. Additionally, Bowdoin prioritizes the living standards by ensuring students have access to quality dorms, and food services. I knew I wanted to be on a campus where the standard of living was great.

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Zach Carlson headshot

Zach Carlson '26 (he/him)

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Major/Minor: Education & History

Bowdoin activities: Proctor for Residential Life, Football Student Manager, Harpoon, WBOR DJ, club and intramural basketball and soccer

Why Bowdoin? During my first week on campus, my head was spinning from meeting so many people and learning so much new information. When I went for a walk to clear my head, I ran into some sophomores who had just finished playing basketball and made some small talk. By the end, they invited me to join their pickup group chat. These guys who I had never met made me feel so at home on Bowdoin’s campus through just one conversation. I have been playing with them ever since, and they have become some of my best friends on campus. This shows just how kind and welcoming everyone is at Bowdoin and how they are always looking to support others and make new connections.

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