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A photograph of student Cassidy Bateman

Cassidy Bateman '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Major/Minor: Chemistry, Theater & Music

Bowdoin Activities: QuestBridge, Masque & Gown, Disabled Students Association

Why Bowdoin?  I chose Bowdoin because of the people. I had so many wonderful and genuine connections before I committed to Bowdoin that made me confident I would feel at home here. And 4 years later, the people are still my favorite part.

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A photograph of student Cassidy Bateman

Dila Cakir '27 (she/her)

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey 

Major/Minor: Francophone Studes, Psychology (double major), Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies (minor)

Bowdoin Activities: Staff writer and illustrator in the Bowdoin Orient, Assistant at the Student Aid Office, Barista at the Café, Multilingual Mainers Volunteer, Club Volleyball

Why Bowdoin? I first came across the Orient during my internet searches and totally fell for the newspaper and then for the College itself. I always wanted to study in a liberal arts college where I can try as many different things as possible. And Bowdoin is the best place to do that! Also, Bowdoin is one of the few colleges offering need-blind application process for all applicants, including internationals! I appreciate that very much!

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A photograph of student Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen '26 (he/him)

Hometown: Quincy, MA

Intended Major/Minor: Asian Studies and Education, Economics

Bowdoin activities: Asian Students Alliance, Chinese Student Association, The Bowdoin College Longfellows (A Cappella), Bowdoin Film Society, Intramural Badminton, THRIVE

Why Bowdoin? The academic, socio-emotional and financial support that I have gotten from Bowdoin throughout my time here has been incredible. As someone who is constantly changing their academic interests, it was extremely important for me to be at an institution that can keep up with my ever-expanding passions and foster my talents and strengths. The community here has also really made me grow and open up as a person in all aspects, and I owe it to Bowdoin for allowing me to call a place like this “home.”


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A photograph of student JuliaKay Fiori

JuliaKay Fiori '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Winthrop, ME

Major/Minor: Francophone Studies, Archaeology

Bowdoin activities: Pre-Med and in the process of applying to medical school, President of the Bowdoin College Democrats, archer, textile artist, and involved in volunteer work in healthcare settings

Why Bowdoin? I chose Bowdoin because of the community — I love getting to connect with such a multigenerational and multicultural mix of students, faculty, staff, and Brunswick community members!


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A photograph of student Alex Gouthro

Alex Gouthro '26 (he/him)

Hometown: Abington, MA

Major/Minor: Undecided (interest in Math), Music

Bowdoin Activities: Bowdoin Symphony Orchestra, Student Admissions Volunteer Organization, Sexuality, Women, and Gender Center member.

Why Bowdoin: I went to a small public high school, and knew that I wanted to go to a school where I had the chance to broaden my horizons and explore my interests. I decided on Bowdoin when I visited during an admitted student's day, and immediately fell in love with the campus, the community, etc. I also love Bowdoin's curricular categories as opposed to rigid requirements, as it allows me to explore new subjects that I wouldn't have done otherwise, while still being able to focus on what really interests me.


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A photograph of student Ayanna Hatton

Ayanna Hatton '24 (she/they)

Hometown: Freeport, ME

Major/Minor: Biochemistry, Anthropology

Bowdoin activities: Head Tour Guide, Office of Sustainability Coordinator, Theater Department Worker, Production Manager for Masque and Gown (only student-run production company on campus), and a member of Concert Band.

Why Bowdoin? I chose Bowdoin because of the strong and kind community that became apparent to me after my first overnight and has stayed apparent through the last few years. Students, faculty, and staff truly care about each other and are all integral to the Bowdoin community as a whole.

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A photograph of student Rory Kliewer

Rory Kliewer '24 (she/they)

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major/Minor: Biology and Education

Bowdoin activities: I am a leader for Bowdoin Naturalists, oSTEM (Out in STEM), and Bowdoin Symphony Orchestra on campus. I also love to go birding, read, and knit

Why Bowdoin? Bowdoin is a place where everyone cares for everyone else. I felt that through the admissions process, and I have felt it even more strongly in my years at Bowdoin. People at Bowdoin come from many backgrounds and use that to bring compassion and enthusiasm to the classroom and their social lives. It means that you're always hearing new stories at Bowdoin and meeting wonderful new people. There is always an opportunity for a new experience, whether its whitewater kayaking or making a new friend.


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A photograph of student Sadie New

Sadie New '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM

Major/Minor: Education and Psychology

Bowdoin activities: McKeen Center for the Common Good (mentoring and public service work), Bowdoin Film Society, Bowdoin Student Government, Crocheting and watching movies, I've also been on an intramural badminton team and varsity rugby here. I also love working water polo games and am involved in a lot of their tournaments.

Why Bowdoin? As someone who applied during the height of COVID and from abroad (I graduated high school in Ethiopia), I never really had access to campus, so to have everyone from Bowdoin be so kind, patient, and empathetic during the application process meant a world of difference. Bowdoin students and staff try their best to make sure that everyone can find a space to belong here, which is such a healthy, productive community to be a part of, and has made all the difference for me as a student now! 

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A photograph of student John Schubert

John Schubert '26 (he/him)

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major/Minor: Government & Legal Studies and German

Bowdoin activities: I play on and captain the club water polo team and am the Arts & Entertainment editor for the Bowdoin Orient, in addition to working as a research assistant for Professor of German Birgit Tautz.

Why Bowdoin?  I chose Bowdoin because the smaller community here makes me feel like a part of something rather than just a drop in a bucket. 

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A photograph of student Xenobia Weber

Xenobia Weber '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA

Major/Minor: Neuroscience, Chinese

Bowdoin Activities: Black Student Union, Senior Interviewing, Active Minds Club, painting/art when I have time

Why Bowdoin? I chose Bowdoin because of the stellar financial support they were able to offer, and the promise of the community I would be joining. Bowdoin very much seemed like (and is!) a place where your peers, the faculty, and staff are always looking to support you in whatever it is you need. Since I came in during a global pandemic, this was even more important to me as a student. And because of the emphasis on tight-knit community, I’ve met some of my forever friends here. I’ve also been able to forge personal, meaningful relationships with professors, study abroad, and conduct research, which are all things I was hoping to get the opportunity to do before coming.

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A photograph of Mingjie Yuan

Mingjie Yuan '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major/Minor: Math, Computer Science  

Bowdoin activities: Student Admissions Volunteer Organization, Tennis Club, Table Tennis Club, Asian Students Alliance, Chinese Students Association, THRIVE. Additionally, some of my hobbies include listening to news and politics to learn more about government and law, basketball, badminton, and working out in the gym.

Why Bowdoin?  I absolutely agree with the reasons my peers have raised, but as a math person, here's a mathematical equation: AWESOME financial aid + CARING community = Joy + Exploration! 

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