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We encourage you to have ongoing contact with a current Bowdoin student, one who has first-hand insight and can tell you about the professors, the course load, campus housing, the social life, the ins and outs. 


Please note: This email is monitored by the Bowdoin Office of Admissions. This platform is to assist with answering your college search questions. Please help to keep this space productive and professional.

afia-oduro-manu.jpgAfia Oduro-Manu (she/her)

Hometown: New Jersey
Major: Undeclared

Campus Involvement: Admissions Tour Guide and Receptionist, BOKA Acapella, Questbridge, THRIVE 

What brought me to Bowdoin: While I did apply to a wide variety of colleges as a senior, I ultimately knew that I would find myself at a liberal arts college because of the small class sizes that allow for more individualized learning and stronger relationships between students and professors. Additionally, as a first generation, low income student and Questbridge scholar, I knew that I wanted to go somewhere that supported students who have similar backgrounds to my own. Amazing financial aid, being five hours away from home, and having good food on and off-campus are definitely also pros as well.

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Ask a Student: Shayla EubanksShayla Eubanks (she/her)

Hometown: Portland, Maine
Major: Sociology
Minor: Digital and Computational Studies

Campus involvement: Women’s Basketball Team, Athletes of Color Coalition, Admissions Tour Guide, establishing Strong Girls United (a female athlete mentoring program) in partnership with the McKeen Center

What brought me to Bowdoin: Bowdoin was the first school I visited as a Junior in high school, and I fell in love and felt at home instantly. Growing up in Portland I had always thought that I would leave Maine for college, but my mind was immediately changed on that campus visit. Later, I began speaking with the basketball coach, current students and athletes, as well as some alumni and it sealed the deal. Those conversations and interactions gave me insight into all the things that make this community so special, including the campus traditions, all the opportunities, and just how welcoming and kind the people here are. I could not be prouder to be a part of it!

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Matt Hikida (he/him) Maddie Hikida

Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Major: Religion
Minor: Education

Campus Involvement: Tour guide and receptionist at the Admissions office, Theater and Dance Department Technician, Bowdoin Hillel 2020 Fellowship, co-head of Sunrise Bowdoin, co-head of the DisAbled Students Association, Bowdoin Outing Club Trip Leader, Campus Sexual Assault Advocate, Technology Director for RISE 2020, Multiracial Student Union, The Bowdoin Harpoon.

What brought me to Bowdoin: The first time I heard about Bowdoin, I was a freshman in high school and an older friend was telling me about how incredible it was for Bowdoin to be test-optional. The first time I visited Bowdoin, something about it just felt right. It was humid and hot, but everyone was incredibly kind- one of the many things that drew me ever closer to Bowdoin. And this isn't just my jaded NYC-self-talking, I tested this by smiling at 10 people and keeping track of who smiled back. When all 10 (and then some!) people smiled back, I knew that I was home- and I was right! The Brunswick and Bowdoin community have been so incredibly welcoming to me and my classmates. Even off-campus, I couldn't be prouder to be a Bowdoin student!

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Rubin JonesKyle Putnam (they/them)

Hometown: Milton, Massachusetts
Major: Sociology and Education Coordinate Major
Minor:  Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Campus involvement: Gender Matters (trans student group),The Peucinian Society (literary and debate),I also run the Bowdoin climbing wall 

What brought me to Bowdoin: For me, Bowdoin was the perfect combination of several different factors. I knew that I wanted a small residential community where I would know everyone around me, and an academically rigorous college where I could spend time getting to know my professors. I knew for sure Bowdoin was the place for me after re-visit day. I met so many Bowdoin students who were so excited to share their love of the college. I felt like Bowdoin was a community that would really accept me and everything I’m passionate about. And I was absolutely right.

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Ask a Student: Joosep VõrnoJoosep Võrno (he/him)

Hometown: Viimsi, Estonia
Major: German and Theater
Minor: Anthropology

Campus involvement: Residential Life Head Proctor, German TA and Research Assistant, Chess Club, Swimming, Actor, Director, and Theater Technician

What brought me to Bowdoin: The first time I actually set foot on campus was already as a first-year, coming to campus for the International Student Orientation that takes place a few days before the semester kicks off. But it was long before that I realized Bowdoin was the place for me. I was inspired to apply by a friend who told me it was a place fit for me – a small campus close to nature with a great community and a rigorous academic offering in the liberal arts. What confirmed it for me, however, was what I meant to Bowdoin as an accepted student. It was not just about me making a commitment to Bowdoin, but more so about Bowdoin making a commitment to me! Bowdoin made sure that I had all the resources (student aid and beyond), and information I needed to be able to attend and succeed here. Everyone I reached out to was always invested in hearing out my questions and concerns – even if I had contacted the wrong people! Beyond those first interactions with the community, my six semesters and two summers at Bowdoin so far have proven that Bowdoin is a place of pleasant surprises.  

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Liam McNett  Liam McNett

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Major: Government & Legal Studies and Russian
Minor: History

Campus Involvement: Mock Trial, McKeen Center programs, Bowdoin Public Service, Residential Life RA, Boody-Johnson House Chair, Admissions Tour Guide, Bowdoin Outing Club, Bowdoin Alumni Fund student staff

What brought me to Bowdoin: I was initially drawn to Bowdoin because of its strong academic program and resources ranging from funded internships to undergraduate research opportunities—I soon learned that Bowdoin was so much more than I had anticipated.  Once I was accepted to Bowdoin, I was able to visit campus through Bowdoin Experience (my first time to campus and to Maine) where I was able to experience Bowdoin’s community first-hand both on campus and in Brunswick.  I was immediately drawn to how friendly and happy Bowdoin students were and decided then that Bowdoin was the right fit.  Bowdoin’s tight-knit, supportive community and commitment to the Common Good has truly made Bowdoin feel like home as well as a community I feel fortunate to be a part of.  

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Ask a Student: Valerik RoumiValerik Roumi (he/him)

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida
Major: Earth & Oceanographic Science and Math

Campus involvement: Bowdoin Outing Club, Model United Nations, Club Alpine Ski Team, Admissions Tour Guide

What brought me to Bowdoin: The community! I had a wonderful gut feeling when I toured campus. It was so nice to see how happy everyone was here, from walking to classes, interacting with peers, to asking my dad and I if we needed any help finding anything during our tour - the list goes on. People here really love this place and are passionate about their studies and surrounding community.  

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