iPad Accessibility Tools

Out of the box the iPad includes many accessibility features that support learning, hearing, vision, physical and motor, and more.

Use Live Listen with AirPods to create an external microphone. Use Siri or the microphone icon on the keyboard to dictate text in email, notes, or text messages, or change display brightness, contrast, or font size. For a complete list of accessibility features on the iPad visit Apple's web page, "Get started with accessibility features on iPad."

iOS Apps


The full version of Notability is available free to faculty, staff, and students to install on Bowdoin managed mac laptops and iPads. Use notability to write or type notes, change the background paper color of notes, organize class notes, record audio and take notes at the same time, and review the audio by tapping on a note that is linked to the audio timestamp in the recording. Write out equations by hand and use the "convert as math" tool to change to typed math symbols.

Uses: Text to speech, speech to text, annotation, digital notetaking, linked audio and notes, writing equations

Download: Download Notability from the Self-service app on a Mac laptop or iPad.


Microsoft OneNote can store all your notes in one place and be accessed on a computer, iPad, or iPhone. You can create a note organization system that works best for you. Type or hand write notes, draw, record audio, import images, and video directly into your notes. OneNote has built-in accessibility tools for reading (immersive reader) and dictation.

Uses: Digital notetaking, audio recording, speech to text, reading, annotation

Download: Download Onenote from the Self-service app on a Mac laptop or iPad.