Curricular Accessibility

An inclusive approach to curricular design anticipates and plans for human difference.
When curricular materials and instruction are accessible, a diverse group of learners benefits. Learners benefit from accessible curricular materials in the following ways.
  • Materials can be used on any device (laptop, iPad, or smartphone) 

  • Materials can be modified by adjusting text size, changing background and text color contrast, or even changing a font style. 

  • Document layouts can be customized for better readability. 

  • Control over volume and playback speed of audio and video aids in comprehension and context. 

Even though many applications (Blackboard, Canvas, Microsoft Word, WordPress, and CMS) are accessible by design, it is still up to us as the people creating new and choosing existing curricular materials to make sure they are accessible. Recommendations, resources, contacts, and workshops are available to assist faculty in creating, fixing, and making decisions about accessible materials across disciplines.