Assistive Technology Hardware

This page lists assistive technology hardware available at Bowdoin. If there is something you are seeking that is not listed here, please let us know!

Bookeye Scanner

High speed, touch screen, overhead book scanner. Can be scanned directly to a flash drive or email.

Uses: Scanning readings to test-based, searchable PDFs
Location: Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, Lower Level
Availability: Walk-up kiosk during library hours
ContactMedia Commons

Digital Voice Recorders

Small, portable audio recorders that record in .mp3 or .wav formats and can transfer audio files to a computer.

Uses: Notetaking, capturing interviews
Location: Media Commons in H-L Library
Availability: By reservation
Contact:  Media Commons

Headsets and Microphones

Uses: Listening, voice volume, sound cancellation
Location: Media Commons in H-L Library
Availability: By request

Large Screens

Uses: Testing, Magnification
Location: Test Center
Availability: By request
Contact:  Student Accessibility Office

Portable Lavalier Microphones

Uses: To project voice, especially in a large space.
Location: IT Service Desk in Coles Tower
Availability: By request
Contact: IT Service Desk

Portable Playback Systems (DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players)

Uses: Individually controlled viewing
Location: Media Commons, H-L Library
Availability: By request
Contact: Media Commons


The Livescribe smartpen captures words, audio, scribbles, symbols, and diagrams on paper while at the same time recording audio. The writing and audio are synchronized so you can just tap on your notes and hear the audio that went with that note. Transfer all your notes and recordings to a Mac or PC to search for key phrases and create custom, virtual notebooks to better organize your notes.

Uses: Notetaking
Location: Lower-level of Coles Tower or Testing Center on the second floor of H-L Library
By reservation for faculty, staff, and students.