ResLife Student Staff

 reslife fullstaff 2015

The 72 students on the residential life staff include first-year proctors, resident assistants, and College House proctors.  First-year proctors live in the “bricks” and serve as guides to new students by introducing resources and facilitating integration into Bowdoin’s community.  RAs and College House proctors provide support for individual students, help build community in the upperclass residence halls, and also serve as additional resources for first-years.  

The student staff is competitively selected annually and undergoes extensive facilitation and resource training throughout the academic year.  Through the ResLife program students from all aspects of the Bowdoin student experience- athletes, editors, multicultural club leaders, musicians, community service leaders, activists, etc.- engage in dialogue about our campus culture and their responsibilities in shaping it. These conversations and connections enable the ResLife staff to provide thoughtful, responsive support to all residents.