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Residential Life


David Needell

David Needell '15

Leadership Position: Head Proctor, Moore Hall
Hometown: Elbert, CO
Major: Physics & Mathematics

I was interested in joining the Residential Life staff because of the people that are involved in ResLife!  The Residential Life student-staff are some of the most wonderful, caring, and energetic people I have ever met, and the Residential Life professional staff are a trustworthy, devoted, and collected group of mentors and friends.  And the people that we get to meet through our roles as student-staff give us energy and inspiration to do our jobs with even more dedication.  These qualities of the Residential Life program at Bowdoin were the reasons why I wanted to join the student-staff, and continue to be what I love most about being on ResLife.

My favorite ResLife memory is my first duty night.  I was unsure of what to expect: Was there going to be a huge emergency?  Or an out of control party that I'd have to break up?  Or maybe I'd forget to wear pants and everybody would laugh (not as likely, but always a possibility).  In any case, I was a little nervous for that first night.  Luckily, the night was a huge success! I met some new people in the dorm, got to know some others better, and shared some fried chicken as a group.  Who could ask for more?  

Diamond Walker

Diamond Walker '17

Leadership Position: Proctor, Osher Hall
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Major: Psychology

I wanted to be a part of the Residential Life staff and help make the transition to college easier for the first years. The first year of college is the most important year, where we face so many challenges socially and academically. I wanted to be part of an organization that works to build relationships with the first years and act as a resource on campus. As a member of ResLife, you set the tone for the year and have the power to make this one of the best years for the students.

Instead of things I wish I brought to Bowdoin, I wish I DIDN'T bring so many clothes! Honestly, it's too cold to try to be looking cute all the time and I brought way too many cute little outfits that I didn't end up wearing. 

Evan Bulman

Evan Bulman '16

Leadership Position: College House President, Reed House
Hometown: Barrington, RI
Major: Economics

College Houses provide an awesome opportunity to live with a huge group of friends, both old and new. I loved the house itself, and living with such a big group. It was great to have people always around in the kitchen, common room, or backyard. College Houses are the few places on campus where this type of community exists. Moreover, Reed House gave me a chance to interact with a lot of different parts of campus that I had never seen or worked with before.  I wanted to be an officer so that I could play a larger role in what went on during the year.  There are a lot of opportunities to work around campus and put on great events. I was really excited to help with these projects and saw the officer position as the perfect way to be more hands-on.  

Danny Mejia-Cruz

Danny Mejia-Cruz '16

Leadership Position: Head House Proctor, Quinby House
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: Government

I’m originally from Honduras but live in Houston, Texas. I became interested in joining ResLife because I had such a wonderful proctor during my first year. I love being on staff because I really feel that the staff is fundamental to shaping social aspects of Bowdoin life - everyone on staff is excited about tackling touchy issues and big problems, and we all have fun doing it. ResLife has taught me to think critically about the way I engage with people and how to really listen attentively to people who approach me. My favorite memory is probably when I was at Camp Kieve for staff orientation last summer - I met one of my best friend’s there and got to know so many kids on staff in a way I totally didn’t expect. As for what I wish I had not brought to Bowdoin as a first year, I would definitely say a fear to be myself in what I pursued academically. I came from a very STEM-centered high school and felt that I had to continue that here. I’ve figured it out now, but I wish I hadn’t been scared to take classes in the history, government, and classics departments.

Deion Desir

Deion Desir '16

Leadership Position: College House Vice President, Burnett House
Hometown: New York, NY 
Major: Earth and Oceanographic Science

College Houses are the best housing by far. As a first year, I became great friends with the members of my affiliate house and it really allowed me to see the range of possibilities of living in a house. The sense of community that comes from living in a house is unrivaled, from house members, the other College Houses, bands like DFP, first-year affiliates, and everything in-between!

After getting into a house, I saw that if I had the chance to be a driving factor in the house’s activities, events and traditions, then I had to take it. I honestly didn’t expect the amount of work that being an officer requires of you but I think I grew from the experience, leaving the position with skills and networks that help produce leaders on campus.

It is an amazing feeling when you put in days of work and promotion for an event where people actually show up and it’s better than you expect. It’s too rewarding. And living with 23 or so other people is just really fun when you’re all on the same page.

Katie Ashby

Alexandra Mathieu '15

Leadership Position: RA, Coles Tower
Hometown: Malden, MA
Major: Government & Asian Studies

I joined the Residential Life staff because I wanted to have a larger role in the Bowdoin community and figure out interesting ways to help shape that community.

My favorite part of being on the Residential Life staff is talking to first years! I like seeing how they maneuver their way through the tumultuous first year, knowing that I’ve been there myself. I always find it so interesting and endearing when a first year asks me a question about something I questioned myself when I was a first year but never really thought to ask about. 

Being part of ResLife has taught me patience. You not only need to know when to jump in and intervene in a situation, but also when to hang back and watch how things play out.