Important Information for Living Off Campus

View the October 2017 Off-Campus Informational Meeting with campus partners and the Brunswick Police Department.

Neighbor Relations

Please remember that off-campus neighbors may not have the same expectations and schedules as Bowdoin students. Many neighbors have chosen Brunswick because of the combination of amenities and quiet and peaceful neighborhoods. When there are loud parties and crowds of people walking the streets late at night, neighbors are likely to become frustrated. When the parties and the crowds happen repeatedly and students are unable to resolve neighbor concerns themselves, neighbors are likely to call the Brunswick Police Department.

In order to develop positive relationships with neighbors, students should consider the following tips:

  • Introduce yourselves to your neighbors and exchange contact information. Learn about them and share information about yourselves. Good communication early on can help avoid problematic situations later.
  • Keep noise and disruption to a minimum. This includes all visits from potential guests.
  • Avoid walking across your neighbors’ lawn and in their backyards.
  • Be responsible for the upkeep of your home and lawn, including trash and snow removal. Make sure your property is maintained in a similar manner to the houses around you.
  • Park your cars only in approved, legal spaces.

Off-Campus Accountability

Pursuant to the Bowdoin College Academic Honor Code and Social Code, students are responsible for their behavior on and off campus. The College’s strong relationship with the town and its neighbors is vitally important. When off campus activities cause a disruption to neighbors and this is brought to the attention of the Office of the Dean of Students, the College will hold students accountable. In some situations, it is possible that students would have to answer to violations of Brunswick town ordinances, Maine state law, and Bowdoin policy.

 Safety and Security

A student who chooses to live off campus gives up the benefit of having Bowdoin Safety and Security, or other campus officials, respond to their residence. This applies in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

In the case of a fire, medical, or other emergency, students living off campus should call 911. This applies to off-campus students that require a wellness check for an alcohol- or drug-related situation. Bowdoin Safety and Security is not authorized to respond to off-campus locations unless requested to do so by the Brunswick Police Department and, in such situations, responds only for informational purposes.

In non-emergency situations, including for non-emergency illness or injury, students living off campus are responsible for their own transportation to available medical care. During the hours of 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., students living off campus who need transportation for such situations may use Brunswick Taxi or other taxi services. Between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., all students may use the shuttle within a one-mile radius of campus center. For more information on the shuttle and its scheduled stops, click here.