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Study Abroad and the Lottery

Before you leave Bowdoin--so you don't forget--fill out an abroad housing form on the Bricks and Beyond housing portal.  

If you are away in the spring or the full year you may update your preferences on-line until April 1.  You will participate via proxy in the regular lottery process that takes place in April to secure your housing for the fall.  If you will have access to the internet, you can participate in the lottery registration process on-line in April and have your proxy attend the lottery to choose on your behalf. 

If you will be away for the fall only you may update your preferences on-line until November 1.  Your on-line preferences will be used as a guide to assign you on-campus housing.  Sometimes students with opposite study away plans (fall v. spring) plan to swap into rooms that are not totally vacated between semesters (i.e., one student in a triple is here for the entire year "the anchor"; two students move out in December and two other students returning from abroad move into the apartment in January to take their place). If a room/apt is totally vacating mid-year you may not “reserve” that room/apt. for yourself or your group as it will be available to all returning students with that configuration (i.e., all vacant doubles will be available to all returning double groups). You can certainly indicate a specific room/apt preferences but there is no guarantee you will be assigned there. Please indicate your preferences on your abroad housing form. Students are notified via email in early December when housing assignments are complete. 

The Office of Residential Life will do its best to accommodate these preferences, but there is no guarantee a specific assignment can be made. If you have questions about your housing assignment please contact Lisa Rendall (lrendall@bowdoin.edu).