Spring Break

To submit your Spring Break Request in 2018
Please go to http://www.bowdoin.edu/reslife/housing/housing-requests.shtml


If you intend to stay on-campus for all or any part of Spring Break you must register on-line. All student residences will be open during Spring Break.

Reminders for those of you staying on campus during break:

  • Please be sure not to prop open outside doors.
  • All College rules, regulations, and policies, as outlined in the current edition of the Bowdoin College Student Handbook, remain in effect during Break periods.
  • In the event of an emergency contact Security at x3314.
  • For Dining please see the Dining Service web site

If there are questions, students should contact Lisa Rendall, Director of Housing Operations, Residential Life Office at 725-3589 or lrendall@bowdoin.edu.

*Current Room Residence (room/apt no.)
*E-mail Address

I request to be on campus over Spring break during the time period designated below. I understand that this request is subject to Residential Life approval and I am bound by all Bowdoin College policies during this period.

*Dates You Require Housing (Spring Break runs from Saturday, 3/11/17 through Saturday, 3/25/17):
March2017  through  March2017


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