Break Housing Request Form

Semester Break 2014-2015

Students are required to vacate College Residences for Semester Break on Monday, December 22 by 12:00 noon. 

The College recognizes that because of pressing academic work, campus employment, athletic commitments, or personal reasons, some students are unable to leave campus during scheduled Break periods. In such cases, students need to apply for and receive permission from the Office of Residential Life to remain on campus during a designated Break period.  There is no additional housing cost to remain on campus for all or part of Break. Break housing is at the will of the College. You must apply and be approved in order to remain on campus. Students who remain in College housing without permission during Breaks are in violation of College policy.

Residential Buildings Open During Semester Break

  • Baxter House
  • Brunswick Apartments
  • Chamberlain Hall
  • Coleman Hall
  • Elm Street Apartments
  • Harpswell Apartments
  • Howard Hall
  • Hyde Hall
  • Multi Cultural House
  • Osher Hall
  • Pine Street Apartments
  • Reed House
  • Russwurm Afro Am Center
  • School Street Apartments
  • Stowe Hall

Applying for Break Housing

If you currently live in one of the designated Semester Break housing locations:

  • You may occupy your own room during break.
  • You must finish reading all of the information below.
  • Complete the on-line form by December 11, 2014.

If you are not currently assigned to one of the break housing locations:

  • Ask friends or teammates living in one of the open locations if you may stay in their room/suite/apartment.
  • You must finish reading all of the information below.
  • Submit the on-line form by December 11, 2014.

If you are not currently assigned to one of the break housing locations and do not know of a friend or acquaintance living in a open location:

  • Contact anyone you know who lives in an open location and ask if you can stay in their room during semester break.
  • Ask friends or teammates where they are living during break and ask if you may stay with them.
  • If you are on a sports team, tell your captains you still need a place to stay for break, they will help connect you with other teammates.
  • Submit the on-line form by December 11, 2014.

Break Housing Request Forms must be submitted on or before Thursday, December 11, 2014. Approved Break Housing assignments will be e-mailed to students who have requested Semester Break housing. If your request is not approved, you will receive a separate e-mail notifying you that you need to find an alternate location on campus to stay during break.

All College rules, regulations, and policies, as outlined in the current edition of the Bowdoin College Student Handbook, remain in effect during Break periods. Students residing in rooms other than their own are responsible for the personal contents of the room they are occupying. Bowdoin College assumes no responsibility or liability in the event of missing or damaged personal property, or if disputes arise regarding Break Housing. If there are questions, students should contact Lisa Rendall, Associate Director of Housing Operations in the Office of Residential Life at 725.3589 or

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