logoinfographicPeer Health is a student organization committed to raising awareness about a variety of health issues that are specific to the college experience. As a group, they implement campus-wide health programming, advocate for the community’s wellbeing, and provide support to peers. Peer Health members are trained in motivational interviewing techniques, empathetic listening skills, and college health issues.

Peer Health is composed of an open-minded and diverse group of students that represent a variety of social groups on campus. To join Peer Health students go through a selective application and interview process. They are dedicated to helping students navigate any health issues or concerns that they have on campus or in the greater Bowdoin community. As individuals and as a group they strive to help make Bowdoin a healthier and happier place.


Peer Health runs campaigns throughout the academic year. Peer Health programming focuses on many issues, including Drugs and Alcohol, Mental Health and Mindfulness, Body Image and Self Esteem, and Sexual Health. Some recent examples include body satisfaction facilitated discussions with sports teams and College Houses, sex trivia, and a stress-relief cupcake decorating event.

A major part of Peer Health's work in the Fall centers around organizing and facilitating the Peer 2 Peer program. In the first half of the Fall semester each first-year meets with a member of Peer Health and discusses his/her impression of Bowdoin’s social scene and their transition to life here. This conversation provides first-years with the chance to talk about alcohol and drug use with trained upperclass students, as well as creates a space for first-years to reflect on different aspects Bowdoin and their experiences so far.

In collaboration with the A-Team, Peer Health also hosts a campus-wide Alcohol Screening Day every February. Hundreds of students participate every year and are screened for alcohol abuse and misuse. This quick screening provides students information about how their drinking choices compare to other college students nationwide. The Assistant Director of Health Promotion and Education, Christian van Loenen, is available to provide Alcohol Screening to groups throughout the year. 

Peer Health Spring 2016

Want to run a program with Peer Health?

Contact Christian van Loenen (cvanloen@bowdoin.edu) to coordinate with Peer Health members to do health-based programming on campus.

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