College House Application

You could live here!

General College House applications for the 18-19 academic year are live! Please click here for the FAQ and read below for access to the application. 

Thank you for your interest in joining the College House system. The College Houses offer a distinctive residential experience for Bowdoin students. Those who live in the Houses form a uniquely spirited community with ample opportunities to impact the broader Bowdoin landscape. Living in a House also demands a significant commitment of time and energy. 

A strong College House applicant will be:

  • Willing to fully participate in all aspects of living in a College House including planning and executing programs and events
  • Excited to create and maintain a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive community
  • Motivated to be part of creating and shaping Bowdoin's student culture

All House members will: 

  • Play an integral role in the creation, development, and coordination of a variety of programs and events
  • Promote an inclusive environment in their House and the greater Bowdoin community
  • Participate in a unique opportunity to shape the social and academic culture for the Bowdoin community
  • Actively participate in respectful communal living by attending House meetings, keeping common spaces clean and being willing to take on a variety of tasks related to programming.
  • Serve as a mentor to first years through the "buddy" system (excludes Ladd House)

General House Application Info

The application to live in a College House for the academic year 2018-2019 are avaliable hereFirst-years, sophomores, and juniors in good standing are eligible to apply. Our selection process strives to find students who are comfortable working within a team and seek to build on the enormous potential of the College House system. Please read below for more information about the application and process. Applications are due by midnight on Sunday, February 11th. For more information on living in a College House and the Application process, please attend one of the following information sessions:

  • Tuesday, January 30th at 5:30 PM in Cleveland 151
  • Wednesday, January 31st at 5 PM in Cleveland 151
  • Friday, February 9th at 12 PM in Dudley Coe Sunroom

Application Process

Part I: The Online Application.

  • Completed application materials will be due on February 11th at 11:59 PM.
  • Each applicant will have to submit a completed application. Each block must designate a block manager who will receive notifications about the process.

Part II: Individual/Block Interview

  • New applicants will participate in a 25 minute individual or block interview, conducted by current House residents, members of the Residential Life office, Faculty House advisors, or members of the Deans office.
  • Interviews will be held on February 23rd, 26th and 27th. Block managers will be asked to sign up for an interview slot to complete their applications by February 12th.
  • Blocks will be required to fill out Program Proposal form. This form will be emailed to you on Monday, February 12th and due by Friday, February 16th. Please complete 1 form per block. 

Part III: Decisions & Acceptances

  • Decisions will be emailed to you in early April.

You may not withdraw your application once it is submitted. The Associate Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Residential and Student Life reserves the right to remove applications of students who are currently on or placed on Social Probation during the selection process.