Final Report Information

All recipients of the Fall Research Award are required to submit a final report, which will be posted on the Recent Recipients page on the Student Fellowships and Research website.

These final reports provide a rich archive of student research and reveal to the campus community and beyond the impressive breadth and depth of Bowdoin students’ research. Final reports are also often shared with the donors whose generous contributions made these research experiences possible.

Formatting: We offer a sample final report template here. Because we would like these summaries to have a uniform look, please follow these guidelines:

  • Limit your report to one page.
  • Use Times New Roman, at least 11 pt font;
  • Have at least ½” margins on the right and left;
  • Use single-spaced paragraphs;
  • Center and bold your project title (upper and lower case) at the top of the page;
  • Beneath your project title, center and bold your name, followed by your class year (e.g., Gina Pappas, Class of 2017);
  • Below your name, provide a project summary understandable to someone outside of your discipline;
  • If applicable, include graphs, images, figure;
  • Below your project summary, bold and left justified, write “Faculty Mentor:” and include your mentor’s name;
  • Below your faculty mentor’s name, bold and left justified, write “Funded by the”  and include the official name of your fellowship; and
  • If applicable, include any references.
  • Save the report as a PDF.

Submission:  Students should electronically submit their final reports in PDF format to Gina Pappas, Administrative Coordinator for the Office of Student Fellowships and Research.

Questions:  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Corey Colwill.