At Bowdoin, your family’s ability to pay is not a factor in or barrier to admission. We do all that we can to ensure that nothing stands between you and your potential success as a college student—starting with need-blind admissions that meets every admitted student's full calculated need.

We seek excellence of all types and believe in equal opportunity.

Our policy is to meet the full calculated need of every student applying for student aid. 

Bowdoin’s financial support is behind you throughout your college journey—factoring in financial assistance for books, food, housing, travel, study abroad, internships, career exploration, and more.

Plus, every Bowdoin student receives a MacBook Pro and iPad that they can keep after graduation.

Bowdoin's need-based system of awarding resources has many checks and balances, and it first requires that all families provide a complete and accurate picture of their financial circumstances. Our Student Aid team is prepared to assist you throughout the application and matriculation process.

Fast Facts

  • Bowdoin meets your family's full calculated need. Get a sense of what your family can expect to pay at Bowdoin by answering these six simple questions.

  • Our aid packages are loan free, which means you can concentrate on just being a Bowdoin student. And, when you graduate, you can focus on whatever comes next—without student debt limiting your options.

  • Bowdoin is need blind for all applicants, including international students, which means that your family's ability to pay is never a factor or barrier to admission.

  • The average financial aid package for incoming students is $69,000 and ranges up to $82,900, with need-based Bowdoin scholarships ranging from $8,950 to $82,900.

  • We waive the $65 application fee for any student applying for financial aid or who will be the first in their family to graduate from a four-year college.