Cathy Hayes

Affiliation: Health Services
Student Health Insurance Coordinator

Hometown: Brunswick, ME

Education: B.A. Bowdoin College 1992 (Government and Legal Studies). B.S. University of New England 1998 (Physical Therapy).

Background: I have been in the insurance field for many years, having started at Tufts Health Plan in MA.  After a few years, I moved back to my home state of Maine.  Back in Maine, I transitioned from health to disability insurance.  During those years, I held a variety of roles, such as Senior Appeals Analyst, Litigation Liaison, and Senior Underwriter.  With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, and the subsequent creation of Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans or "CO-OP's," I was fortunate enough to shift back to medical insurance, joining Community Health Options' (Maine's only CO-OP) accreditation team.  I then joined Bowdoin’s Health Services staff in October 2014.