Motor Vehicle Use

Date: December 2017

Philosophy and Purpose: A 'Bowdoin College motor vehicle' is defined as any motor vehicle owned, leased or rented by the College. This policy was adopted to better ensure the safety of drivers and occupants of Bowdoin College motor vehicles, with the emphasis on College fleet vehicles and College rented 12-passenger vans. Rental of cars and the use of personal vehicles for College business are not addressed by this policy.

For safety reasons, the College will no longer permit the renting of 15-passenger vans by students, faculty, or staff. Any exception to this policy must be approved in writing by the Director of Facilities Operations & Maintenance, or his designee and his signature or that of his designee must be present on an Authorization to Drive form.

Employees whose job responsibilities include driving or equipment operation should refrain from using their phone/communication device while driving a Bowdoin vehicle or while driving any other vehicle (rented, leased, borrowed, or their own vehicle) while conducting Bowdoin business. Please refer to the Use of Cell Phones policy for additional information.

Policies: The Motor Vehicle Use policies vary according to driver eligibility categories and the type of vehicle. Please refer to the current online version of the Motor Vehicle Use policy.