Emergency Sick Time Bank

Date:  October 2013

Policy:  Exempt and non-exempt employees with a serious health condition (as defined by the Family and Medical Leave policy) who have exhausted their personal sick time allowance may apply to Human Resources to “access” the campus emergency sick time bank for additional paid sick time. The emergency sick time bank is not available to faculty.  Use of the emergency sick time bank is limited to administrative and support staff employees

  • who have successfully completed their first six months of work
  • are out on an approved medical absence
  • whose illness or injury qualifies as a disability under the College’s short term disability insurance plan or
  • who are ineligible for short term disability benefits.
  • who have exhausted their own available personal sick time and
  • who have an available vacation balance of less than one week of their regular work schedule

In no event will any award(s) allow an employee to use over 480 hours (including any hours used from his/her personal sick time). To apply for hours from the campus emergency sick time bank, complete the application and submit it to Human Resources.  **PLEASE NOTE:  An employee who is out of work due to a workplace accident or illness (and eligible for workers' compensation benefits) is not eligible to receive an award from the Emergency Sick Time bank.

After meeting the initial criteria and submitting an application, awards are determined based on the number of hours available in the bank, the number of overall requests, and the total number of hours previously awarded to the employee (if previous awards from the emergency bank have been received, all available vacation hours must be used before receiving another award).

 When an employee leaves employment at the College, he/she may donate up to one half of the hours in his/her personal sick time bank to the campus emergency sick time bank. To donate hours, complete the donation application and submit it to Human Resources.