Close Schedule

The College operates on a fiscal year that begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. For accounting purposes, the Controller's Office generally closes each month within the second week of the month that follows.

Monthly Close 

Once a month is "closed", we do not allow any more entries to be posted. This allows us to prepare financial reports that are not subject to change.

A reminder is sent to all users as the month end approaches indicating processing deadlines for journal entries, invoices and deposits. Click the link below to view the current schedule.

Monthly Closing Deadlines

Year End

June is the last month in our fiscal year. It is critical that we capture all financial activity that has taken place for the fiscal year before closing the month of June. Several announcements are made to the campus community as the year end approaches. We may contact you about items you have pending to determine the proper accounting treatment.

In July and August, we are working to close the fiscal year. In addition, the College's external auditors arrive to audit the financial statements. We may need to request information from your department to facilitate the audit. Click the link below to view the Year-End Accounting Procedures.

Fiscal Year-End Accounting Memo