Workplace Safety

The College strives to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

Take time to plan your task.  Know the policy and/or procedure related to the task and assemble the appropriate equipment for the job.  Speak with your supervisor if you need extra help or have other safety concerns.  Injuries are preventable.  If you see a hazardous condition notify your supervisor.  It will be addressed.  Safety is everybody’s business.

If you are injured at work you need to immediately notify your supervisor. Injury reporting forms can be found below under Workplace Injury Information. The College has the right to ask you to seek medical attention with an occupational health provider for any workplace related injuries.  Costs associated with the visit will be covered by Worker Compensation Insurance.  Human Resources also can assist you with your ergonomic concerns particularly with those related to your work station.

2021–2022 Campus Safety Committee

  • Matthew Caiazzo, Dining Service
  • Jeffrey Cosgrove-Cook, Library
  • Holly Fitzmaurice, Housekeeping
  • Michael Grim, Grounds
  • Deborah Infante, Dining Service
  • James Kelley, Treasurers Office
  • Tuyet Matthews, Development
  • Michael Roux, IT
  • Tamara Spoerri, HR, Ex Officio
  • Kristin Steinman, Human Resources, Chair
  • Charly Wojtysiak, Environmental Health & Safety