Welcome Letter from Health Services

Dear Incoming Students and Families,

Welcome to Bowdoin College! As you know, maintaining good physical and mental well-being is an important factor in a student's ability to succeed academically and personally. The Health Services, Counseling and Wellness staff look forward to collaborating with you regarding your health and healthcare needs.

If you are currently taking prescription medications or are being treated for a chronic illness and would like health services to assume your care, please be prepared to provide appropriate records to verify diagnosis and medication regimens.

Additionally, if you have serious health concerns (i.e., severe allergies, disordered eating, mental health diagnoses) we ask that you share that when completing your New Student Health Forms.

If you take psychiatric medications for conditions like ADHD or a mental health diagnosis and would like Bowdoin to provide refills for these medications, we ask you to make an appointment with our psychiatric nurse practitioner Tamsen Lyons. She has regular office hours on campus and may be contacted by calling the Counseling Center at 207-725-3145.

If you have significant food allergies or dietary needs, please contact our Dining Hall Operations Manager and Registered Dietician Susanne D'Angelo-Cooley (sdangelo@bowdoin.edu) to help you navigate dining options here at Bowdoin.

Bowdoin College Health Services, Counseling and Wellness makes every effort to partner with you to maintain optimal health and well-being during your college experience. We look forward to meeting you in August and hope you will have a healthy and rewarding college experience.

Warmest Regards,

Sandra Hayes DNP
Executive Director of Health and Counseling



Health Services
Bowdoin College
3600 College Station
Brunswick, ME 04011-8427