Sophomore Bootcamp

What do Winter Break and your résumé have in common? They are both too long.

Sophomore Bootcamp 2024

During winter break, all sophomores will participate in career workshops aimed at helping them get a head start on mastering the skills necessary for landing an internship or job.

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Alumni Connections

In addition to workshops on job search and application skills, every sophomore will be connected with two alumni through the Alumni Connections Program--a feat achievable thanks to the 350+ alumni who have volunteered for the program. Each year, these networking conversations are a highlight for students, and the first ever conversation with an alum for almost 75% of students.

A Tailored Experience

Students can dive deep into their interests by selecting from a menu of "Demystifying Careers" workshops, industry-specific advice workshops, skill development workshops, and more. Topics include: 

  • SQL Workshop for a Career in Analytics
  • How to Brand Yourself as a Creative
  • Personal Statements for Graduate School and Fellowships
  • Talking about Athletic Experience in the Job Search
  • Queer at Work? A Conversation with SWAG and CXD
  • What Does Wellness Have to Do With Your Career? A Lot!
  • How to Search for Opportunities Outside the US

Celebrating Sophomores

What would Sophomore Bootcamp be without time to connect and have fun as a class? Sophomores get to participate in events just for their class, including the Sophomore Class Dinner.

But that's not all!

Sophomore Bootcamp attendees also get access to Coursera, an online learning platform stocked with nearly 6,000 courses, specializations, and certificates taught by companies like Google and Salesforce, and faculty at schools like Johns Hopkins and Berklee College of Music. Bootcampers are invited to use Coursera to develop the skills they need to pursue the internships and jobs they want.

Why attend Sophomore Bootcamp?

VIDEO: Hear from students who attended Sophomore Bootcamp in January of 2022.